The next Valorant agent is codenamed Bounty Hunter, according to well-known dataminer ValorLeaks.

Agent 20 is thought to be an initiator with information-gathering capabilities who will give Sova a run for his money.

Previous Valorant agents have had codenames that hint at what they can do. For example, Filipino speedster Neon was referred to as Sprinter, while French sharpshooter Chamber was called Deadeye.

Who is Agent 20 in Valorant?

Valorant Sage dossier Icebox Agent 20
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

While Riot Games hasn’t revealed any official details about the next Valorant agent, the developer has dropped clues in the form of interactive agent dossiers and voice lines that hint at their identity. As it stands, all signs currently point to the blackmailer who is threatening to expose the Valorant Protocol.

The agent is also thought to hail from Turkey, according to additional hints scattered throughout the game.

The Bounty Hunter codename suggests a kit that’s focused on gathering information on specific targets and their whereabouts. It would also tie in with the game’s ongoing narrative – a bounty hunter would be well-placed to collect information and create detailed dossiers that contain secrets from each agent’s past.

The blackmailer is also associated with the symbol of an eye, which means that the next agent could be some sort of all-seeing hunter who can obtain information on enemy locations, similar to Sova.

Sova is currently one of the most-picked agents in the Valorant pro meta. He remains a top pick on almost every map, but that could change soon if Riot ends up introducing a viable alternative.

If all goes according to plan, the next agent should arrive in Episode 4 Act III.

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