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Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is making a strong case that KAY/O has the best flash in Valorant.

The Sentinels star player’s assessment of KAY/O’s flash ability is rooted in the agent’s versatility. KAY/O’s flash can be used in various situations, whether to clear corners, gain map control, or set up teammates for kills.

This versatility is a crucial aspect of KAY/O’s strength as an initiator, and it’s no surprise that his pick rate has been on the rise, particularly on Ascent.

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Sentinels TenZ explains why KAY/O has the best flash in Valorant

The sensitivity TenZ uses is always changing
Credit: Riot Games

Flashes are crucial in Valorant, particularly on attack, because they can help teams take favorable battles by blinding opponents. Agents like Breach and Skye have proved indispensable when executing fast pushes, with their ability to push defenders off angles that they’re holding.

While KAY/O’s most unique ability is his Zero/Point blade that suppresses agent abilities, his Flash/Drive flashbang may just be the best one in the game.

“KAY/O’s flashes are the best flashes in the game,” said TenZ. “You could set up a perfect pop flash and it will work every single time.”

TenZ also compared the robot agent’s flashes to the ones in CS:GO. The two work very similarly: you left-click to throw it further with a longer fuse, or right-click to lob it a short distance and activate a shorter fuse.

“In CS people would have lineups and god flashes, which you literally can’t do anything against. You have to watch a VOD of them throwing the flash so you know how to dodge it,” TenZ explained.

“When I played Rise on Haven, I was literally looking out for the flash,” he recalled. “I could not see the flash. I knew it was coming every time, but I just didn’t see where it was coming from, so I just got full-blinded every single time.”

One of the reasons why Flash/Drive is so strong is because it is difficult to pick up on the sound or visual cues that signal a flash is coming, says TenZ.

KAY/O’s versatile flash could lead to impactful plays, making it a key part of the agent’s strength as an initiator. As the game meta changes, KAY/O’s potential could continue to be explored by players.

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