The next Valorant agent could be from Turkey, if new voice lines and teasers in the current Public Beta Environment (PBE) are anything to go by.

Agent 20 is still shrouded in mystery, but several signs point toward the blackmailer who has been threatening the Valorant Protocol being the game’s new initiator agent. Patch 4.05 on the PBE offers additional clues to the origins of Valorant’s next agent, paving the path for how they might end up joining the Valorant roster.

Turkey might be the home of the next Valorant agent

Valorant Cypher email Turkey
Credit: Cynprel

A new email from Cypher reveals that he has had a breakthrough with the blackmailer’s encrypted messages, tracing them to somewhere in Turkey.

And now that they know where the blackmailer is operating from, Sova is putting together a team, comprising Chamber, Breach, Neon, Cypher, and KAY/O, to apprehend him. In a new voice mail message to Brimstone, the Russian initiator explains why he chose each agent and assures him they will “bring this threat to justice”.

“Besides myself, we must send Cypher. No one else can handle surveillance of an entire city,” Sova said. “Chamber can provide fire support from a vantage position. Breach has a history with distractions that it would be foolish not to take advantage of.”

“Neon can help cover ground quickly. And KAY/O has agreed to pilot the Vulture. Five on the ground, one in the skies,” he concluded.

The operations board outside the shooting range also shows that Turkey has been circled. The blackmailer’s eye emblem is pinned on the board, surrounded by pictures of Sova’s strike team.

next Valorant agent Turkey
Credit: Cynprel

There’s a potential opening for the hacker to join the Valorant Protocol, as Cypher’s email mentions that Brimstone’s conscience won’t let him kill the blackmailer.

On top of that, the setup for the strike team seems like a preamble to another Valorant cinematic in the next Act, where Riot might finally unveil the new agent.

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