Bryant “Smug” Huggins has qualified for the Capcom Cup 2020 by winning the Capcom Pro Tour North America East 2 online qualifier.

After the win, Smug credited his win to “the power of @GFuelEnergy” an energy drink aimed at gamers.

The charismatic Street Fighter V: Champion Edition pro went undefeated all weekend, cruising to a spot in the Grand Final where he beat Sean “Shine” Simpson 3-1.

Smug played a smart, calculated playstyle, not overextending himself, while capitalizing on his opponents’ mistakes. In the Grand Final, Smug’s Balrog landed multiple crush counters, anti-airs, and counter pokes that gave him the 1-0 lead against Shine.

Shine answered back with an incredible perfect round against Smug by opening with a max-range whiff punish that pushed Balrog into the corner. Shine then landed another combo in the corner that gave him the stun, which led into a reset combo that won the round.

With the momentum on Shine’s side, Smug found himself in an early life deficit in the following game. But Smug’s relentless pressure forced Shine to throw out a desperation dragon punch that was punished with a Critical Art which finished the round.

Smug ended the tournament by capitalizing on more counter hits and anti airs that nullified Shine’s offense. Smug’s tournament performance has shown SFV fans that character specialists are very dangerous in online competitions, since there aren’t a lot of Balrog mains in the competitive scene right now.

For those who might not know, Smug is one of the best online players in Street Fighter. He made a name for himself by dominating Street Fighter IV’s online rankings with his perfect frame-link execution with Dudley.

Smug is certainly going to be a crowd favorite in the upcoming Capcom Cup 2020 tournament, because of his charismatic personality and on-camera antics.

Smug now joins Arman “Phenom” Hanjani, Yoryi “DR Mandrake” Bueno, Niel “SKZ” Chong, Gonzalo “Pikoro” Buleje, Houmaid “Takamura” Rabie, Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, Christopher “Caba” Rodriguez, Alan “Nephew” Sun, and reigning Capcom Cup champion Derek “iDom” Ruffin as the competitors for Capcom Cup 2020.

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