If you’ve played Mobile Legends: Bang Bang before, you likely know the terror that is Roger on the battlefield. But as mighty as he is, the Dire Wolf Hunter is not invincible.

The fighter and marksman hybrid is notorious for his high damage output, thanks to his unique ability to switch between human and wolf form, with each form offering different skills and advantages.

Then again, there are heroes who are well-equipped to not only survive but stand on their own against his offensive onslaught.

Here are three heroes who have the tools to counter Roger


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Gatotkaca
Credit: Moonton

What makes Gatotkaca a great counter to Roger is his passive skill, Steel Bones.

The Dire Wolf Hunter deals massive damage in fights because of his Full Moon Curse passive which enhances his Basic Attacks. In human form, his Basic Attacks inflict a percentage slow on hit. In wolf form, his Basic Attacks deal a certain percentage of the target’s lost HP as extra physical damage.

On the other hand, Gatotkaca’s passive gives him Physical Defense equal to a certain percentage of his lost HP as well as Rage points which he can use to deal Magic Damage and recover HP when hitting enemies with Basic Attacks.

The 3 best heroes to counter Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends

This means that each time the marksman attacks the tank hero, he will have more defensive capability and opportunity to regain back his lost health.

Gatotkaca’s skills also give utility to his team when faced with Roger. Use Unbreakable to taunt Roger when he’s in his wolf form and trying to attack your team’s damage dealers.

Use Blast Iron Fist to knock him back and disrupt his attacks, and save your ultimate for when Roger is trying to escape or engage in a fight.

In terms of build, focus on items that increase the tank’s durability and cooldown reduction to allow him to use his skills more often. Items like Dominance Ice and Immortality are good ones to go for.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang marksman Melissa wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

If there’s one marksman who can stand a chance against Roger, it’s Melissa.

While squishy like all the heroes in her class, The Cursed Needle has a unique ability to knock back anyone who will attempt to get near her with her Ultimate. Go Away!

This means that Roger, when in wolf form, will not be able to deal melee Basic Attack damage, making him unable to complete his burst combo. As such, he will be limited only to his human form skills and Basic Attacks, which Melissa can dodge using her Falling! ability.

To fully stop the marksman and fighter hybrid in his tracks, utilize Eyes on You! to kite him and provoke engagement. When he chooses to engage in human form, dodge his skills using Falling! and unleash as much damage as you can.

Mobile Legends Melissa guide: Best build, skills, emblem, combos
The 3 best heroes to counter Melissa in Mobile Legends

If he transforms to wolf form and chooses to engage in melee combat, this is the time when you can use your ultimate. Keep attacking him with your Basic Attacks until you obliterate him with your physical damage.

For the item build, proceed to the usual build route, including Corrosion Scythe, Demon Hunter Sword, and Golden Staff. It’s wise to build Wind of Nature for added survivability, especially when Roger initiates through an ambush.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Ruby
Credit: Moonton

Roger’s reliance on quick attacks, lifesteal, and mobility can be mitigated by Ruby, whose crowd-control abilities can disrupt the marksman’s rhythm tremendously.

More than that, her passive skill, Let’s Dance!, allows her to leap a short distance after using skills, enhancing her mobility and making it harder for Roger to hit her.

Against a very mobile Roger, it’s important that you time your skills correctly to effectively stand up against him.

A good combo to execute is to use Be Good!, then use your short leap to close the gap. Follow it up with Don’t run, Wolf King! to stun him and close the gap once more with the leap.

The 3 best heroes to counter Ruby in Mobile Legends

When he tries to flee, use your I’m Offended ultimate. This combination can negate his mobility big time, and give your team an opportunity to take him out.

In terms of equipment, consider building items that enhance Ruby’s durability and cooldown reduction, such as Dominance Ice and Bruteforce Breastplate. These will allow Ruby to survive longer against Roger and use her crowd-control skills more frequently.

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