Learning advanced Roger combos is vital if you want to witness the true power of this hunter-turned-beast. He is one of the most agile and lethal finishers in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang due to his incredibly powerful offensive arsenal.

Thanks to his Ultimate, Wolf Transformation, you can freely shift between human and wolf forms—both of which arm the hero with a unique set of abilities.

You can poke enemies from afar and deal tremendous amounts of physical damage using Open Fire and Hunter’s Steps when in human form. If melee fighting is more of your style, you can jump straight onto the battlefield in wolf form to melt your targets’ HP bars with Lycan Pounce and Bloodthirsty Howl.

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But to be able to turn any enemy to prey, you have to know how and when to execute his skills correctly. This guide will help you learn advanced Roger combos that lets you maximize his full kit and set yourself up for a fruitful hunting season in the Land of Dawn.

Here’s how to execute the best Roger combos in Mobile Legends

Engage Combo: Kite and jump

Unlike most heroes in the game, the marksman/fighter has a total of five abilities that helps you do what your hero does best — hunt enemies down.

To do this, the most efficient strategy is to kite your target with your human form abilities, then finish them off with your wolf form skills to proc the Full Moon Curse passive.

By then, your Basic Attack will deal a certain percentage of the target’s lost HP as extra physical damage.

This Roger combo starts by approaching using Hunter’s Steps to close the gap quickly and kiting your target with Open Fire and Basic Attacks. You should see your opponent’s HP dwindle, especially if you have the right offensive items.

This is the time you need to activate your Ultimate, Wolf Transformation. Make sure to drag the skill to your enemy’s position to inflict damage from the ultimate, then quickly trigger your Bloodthirsty Howl. Hit your target with more Basic Attacks and send him to his grave with the Lycan Pounce.

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Tower Dive Combo

Due to the hero’s innate ability to hunt down foes, there are times that you will find yourself chasing too deep in the enemy base, under the mercy of the enemy turret.

If you do not evade its attacks, then it’s certain that you will find yourself dying in the process. Fortunately, there is a Roger combo you can do to stop that from happening.

When diving towers for a kill, make sure that you are in wolf form during the chase and that you’re in range to hit the target with your skills. The enemy turret’s aggro will be on you once you’re within its field of vision, and it will attack you repeatedly.

You can dodge its attacks by timing your Lycan Pounce ability. Just before the moment of impact, activate the skill to the enemy nearby. You will have dodged the turret attack and inflicted damage on your target in the process.

To complete this Roger combo, use Wolf Transformation to shift back to human form and trigger Hunter’s Steps to move away from turret range. The extra shield from the Ultimate will be able to soak the damage of the succeeding turret attack.

Fast jungling Roger combo

What makes Roger a reliable hero in the jungler role is his innate mobility. Then again, this doesn’t equate to simply triggering Hunter’s Steps all the time.

The best Roger combo for jungling is by applying the same logic as mentioned before — make use of all his skills in both human and wolf forms to abuse his Full Moon Curse passive.

To execute this, you need to use your second skill and ultimate whenever available to get to jungle camps quickly. Preferably, you need to approach in human form in order to lower your target’s HP.

Phantom Pirate Roger splash art
Credit: Moonton

Hit it with at least two Basic Attacks then transform into wolf form. Use Bloodthirsty Howl first and hit creeps with more Basic Attacks. The creep will have a low HP bar by then, enough to be killed by the Lycan Pounce.

Finish this Roger combo by transforming to human form again to use Hunter’s Steps to move to the next jungle camp. You can also opt to jump through walls using your Wolf Transformation, which is especially useful if Hunter’s Steps is in cooldown.

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