Facing Yi Sun-shin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is always a challenge.

This marksman possess both melee and long-range attacks, making him a versatile threat. His ultimate, Mountain Shocker, deals significant damage and reveals units across the entire map.

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Fighting against a skilled Yi Sun-shin player is a challenging endeavor, thanks to his agility and substantial damage output.

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When faced with the daunting task of dealing with Yi Sun-shin in ranked matches, these three heroes stand out as effective counters to put a halt to his advances.

Pick these three heroes to counter Yi Sun-shin in Mobile Legends


Helcurt excels against the Paenlong Legend, thanks to his mobility and burst damage.

In team fights, use Dark Night Falls when he activates Mountain Shocker to limit his sight. Jump in with Shadow Transition and finish with Deadly Stinger for a quick kill.

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Precision is crucial. Missing Shadow Transition or Deadly Stinger allows him to escape with Traceless. Stick to the standard Helcurt build — Blade of Heptaseas and Blade of Despair.

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If things go south late game, buy Immortality for its revive passive and slight defensive stats bump.


For a more defensive strategy, consider picking Akai to counter Yi Sun-shin. With high base defensive stats, Akai is a tough hero to take down.

Additionally, his ultimate, Heavy Spin, is good for initiating team fights, pushing back enemies.

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A well-executed Heavy Spin can disrupt Yi Sun-shin’s positioning, leaving him vulnerable to your team’s attacks.

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In this matchup, prioritize tank items like Blade Armor or Antique Cuirass to bolster Akai’s durability. Alternatively, if your team is leading, opt for HP items to enhance the damage of Akai’s skills.


To counter a nimble hero like YSS, opt for another nimble hero — Lancelot is an ideal choice.

With exceptional mobility, Lancelot can zero in on him, especially as he secures core items in the mid to late game.

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Keep in mind that mastering Lancelot may require some practice due to his complexity. If you prefer a cautious approach, start with a tank Lancelot build to enhance survivability.

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