If you’ve encountered a skilled Natan player in one of your ranked games, you’re likely familiar with the immense challenge the hero presents.

The hero is easily one of the deadliest marksmen in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, able to annihilate enemies with his lethal combination of burst damage skills and blistering attack speed.

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But fret not. Each hero has a weakness, and the Spacetime Walker is no different. In fact, there are characters in the Land of Dawn that Natan mains will not wish to face.

These heroes take advantage of his major flaws such as his lack of escape mechanics, overdependence on his Basic Attacks, and his low mana pool.

These heroes have the tools to counter Natan in Mobile Legends


Ling’s extraordinary mobility gives him a huge advantage over Natan. With his Cloud Walker passive, Ling can quickly move from one side of the map to the other, enabling him to dodge the Spacetime Walker’s attacks, or close the distance when he wants to initiate.

As Ling, your ability to deliver high burst damage in a short time is remarkable. The Defiant Sword skill plays a crucial role here, able to inflict substantial damage on the marksman and limit his ability to fight back.

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Additionally, the Tempest of Blades ultimate allows you to not only dodge the enemy hero’s Basic Attacks but also sets you up to unleash attacks of your own. This is because when activated, you become invincible for a short duration, providing a good window to evade the Spacetime Walker’s crowd-control abilities and launch your counter-assault.

Of course, success in playing as Ling against Natan hinges on timing. Engage the marksman when he overextends, or when his Entropy? ultimate is on cooldown. Other than this skill, he has no escape abilities which will make him a sitting duck on the battlefield.


Another assassin that can make life a nightmare for Natan mains is Benedetta.

The Shadow Ranger possesses a skill set that makes her an outstanding choice when facing the marksman’s high damage output and crowd-control abilities.

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Her superior mobility enables her to effortlessly evade the Spacetime Walker’s attacks and quickly close the gap on him. On Benedetta, a timed activation of your Elapsed Daytime skill grants you invincibility while dashing, making the opposing marksman’s crowd-control effects virtually useless.

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In addition to Benedetta’s agility, the assassin is renowned for her remarkable burst damage capabilities. By combining the powers of Shadow Slash and Alecto: Final Blow, you can inflict substantial damage to the enemy within a short timeframe, potentially eliminating him before he can retaliate.

Moreover, Benedetta’s An Eye for An Eye skill provides a shield that effectively absorbs Natan’s magic damage. This ability also allows you to stun enemies, thereby creating opportunities to deal further damage or make a quick escape if necessary.


The bane of all marksmen in Mobile Legends is burst damage — an aspect that Eudora particularly excels at.

Her burst damage potential is otherworldly thanks to the Superconductor passive that buffs her magic damage even more.

When going head-to-head with a squishy hero like Natan, Eudora’s combination of Fork Lightning and Thunder’s Wrath ultimate can be lethal. It unleashes a devastating amount of burst damage, quickly depleting the marksman’s health before he even has a chance to fight back.

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Additionally, her Ball Lightning ability provides excellent crowd control, immobilizing Natan and disrupting his attacks.

To effectively counter the Spacetime Walker on Eudora, initiate with Ball Lightning then follow it up with Fork Lightning and Thunder’s Wrath. It is also advisable to get the Flicker battle spell to enable you to ambush.

Item-wise, consider items like Holy Crystal for increased magic power, Lightning Truncheon for additional burst damage, and Genius Wand to penetrate Natan’s magic defense.

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