Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the esports titles featured in the International Esports Federation’s 14th World Esports Championship 2022 (IESF 2022).

Four teams duked it out in their respective regional qualifiers, while others were directly invited to the tournament. In the end, eight teams from all around the world will be crossing swords in the playoffs, which will be held offline in Bali, Indonesia.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming tournament, including the format, schedule, and where to watch the games.

What is IESF 2022’s 14th WE Championship?

SIBOL's roster for IESF WEC 2022
Credit: ONE Esports

The 14th World Esports Championship is the last global Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament in 2022. Eight teams from MPL and non-MPL regions will compete for the lion’s share of the US$100,000 prize pool.

Teams from all around the world participated in the regional qualifier. In the end, only the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Slovenia, Vietnam, and Argentina made it to the playoffs and will compete offline in Bali, Indonesia.

IESF 2022 14th WE Championship format

IESF 2022 14th WEC format
Credit: Garudaku

Eight teams from eight countries make up the tournament. Four of them came from the qualifiers (Malaysia, Namibia, Slovenia, and Argentina), while the remaining four were directly invited (Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines).

The eight qualified teams will all start in the upper bracket in a double-elimination format. All matches are best-of-three, except for the grand final which will be a best-of-five.

The tournament will run from December 3 to 10.

MalaysiaAsia Championship
NamibiaAfrican Championship
SloveniaEuropean Championship
ArgentinaPANAM Open

IESF 2022 14th WE Championship schedule

Day 1 (December 3)

Upper bracket quarterfinal


Day 2 (December 4)

Upper bracket quarterfinal


Lower bracket round 1

Losers of Match 1TBDLosers of Match 2
Losers of Match 3TBDLosers of Match 4

Day 3 (December 5)

Upper bracket semifinal

Winner of Match 1TBDWinner of Match 2
Winner of Match 3TBDWinner of Match 4

Lower Bracket quarterfinal

Winner of LB R1TBDLoser of UB-SF 1

Day 4 (December 6)

Lower Bracket quarterfinal

Winner of LB R1TBDLoser of UB-SF 2

Lower Bracket semifinal

Winner of LB-QF 1TBDWinner of LB-QF 2

Upper bracket final

Winner of UB-SF 1TBDWinner of UB-SF 2

Day 5 (December 10)

Lower bracket final

Winner of LB-SFTBDLoser of UB-F

Grand final

Winner of LBFTBDWinner of UBF

*Schedule may change at any time according to the provisions of the organizer

Where to watch?

The games will be livestreamed on Garudaku‘s official YouTube channel and IESF 2022’s Twitch channel.

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