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Blacklist International has earned a reputation for recruiting some of the most exceptional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players — and Kenneth Carl “Yue” Tadeo is no exception.

The likes of Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario, Edward “EDWARD” Dapadap, and Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna are just a few examples of the organization’s keen eye for talent and potential.

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This year, the organization has managed to add another promising talent to their roster — MPL PH Season 11 rookie of the season, Yue.

In an exclusive interview with ONE Esports, Yue reveals how he triumphed over the immense pressure that comes with playing for one of the best MLBB teams, not only in the Philippines but across the entire globe.

Yue’s humble beginnings in the challenging MLBB amateur scene

SIBOL's roster for IESF WEC 2022
Credit: ONE Esports

Before embarking on his MLBB journey, he was once a volleyball varsity player for his school. However, COVID-19 struck, and he decided to pursue a career in MLBB instead.

“When I reached a high rank, I decided to join squads to compete in online tournaments,” he remembered.

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However, after just months of competing in amateur tournaments, he realized he was getting good and decided to take things more seriously. He then went to different notable amateur teams such as Sinag Pilipinas and MHRLK Esports.

“Volleyball really helped me a lot in MLBB,” he said. “I learned discipline and making the right decisions in the game, all thanks to the sport.”

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He got his biggest break after MHRLK Esports earned their way to the IESF SIBOL 2022 combine with Blacklist International to represent the country on the world stage.

SIBOL's Mobile Legends: Bang Bang IESF 2022 roster holding a Filipino flag
Credit: SIBOL

The entire roster of Blacklist was chosen, and he was one of two players chosen from MHRLK to play alongside the star-studded squad.

“It was the biggest break of my life,” he recalled. “It was an honor representing the country alongside Blacklist.”

Yue manifested his MPL PH dream, and it came true when he was picked up by Blacklist International

Blacklist International's MPL PH Season 11 roster 
Credit: Blacklist International

Despite only finishing second in IESF, Blacklist saw the potential in him and decided to pick him up for Season 11.

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“I was really happy, but I had to ask my friends and family first whether I should grab the opportunity, and all of them said a resounding yes.”

He had big shoes to fill, as he replaced veteran Salic “HADJI” Imam, who took a break that season. He admitted that it was a daunting task, but he had a game plan every time the jitters came on.

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“The pressure is still there, but I just think of the positives every time I’m playing so that it won’t affect my performance.”

Blacklist International during the MPL PH Season 11 grand final
Credit: Blacklist International

That strategy seemed to work out really well, as he delivered a marvelous performance and played a key role in Blacklist’s second-place finish that season. His heroics were also rewarded, as he won the best rookie of the season.

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Now that he’s on top, he has one piece of advice for those who want to become a professional esports player.

“If you really want to become a pro player, you have to pursue that dream relentlessly and never give up,” he stated. “It may be difficult at first, but it will be all worth it in the end.”

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