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Benedetta is not your ordinary fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She’s a master of dashing and slashing, as her unique passive allows her to dash after each basic attack.

Her skills are varied, but most of them involve dashing around the battlefield. This is the reason why she is the preferred pick by many players in Mythic rank and above – she is very mobile and her skills pack a lot of punch.

How strong is Benedetta?

Benedetta is not only seen in ranked games but is also a staple pick in competitive play.

Blacklist International EXP laner Edward “EDWARD” Dapadap is well-known for frequently using Benedetta in MPL PH.

ONE Esports' Mobile Legends Benedetta guide with best build, emblem, combos, battle spells
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Mobile Legends Benedetta guide: Best build, skills, emblem, combo
The 3 best heroes to counter Benedetta in Mobile Legends

Her combination of high damage output and exceptional mobility makes her the perfect fit for Edward’s playstyle, which revolves around drawing enemy attention to the sidelanes and forcing them to defend.

So how do we stop the Shadow Ranger from wreaking havoc in our ranked games? Here are three heroes that might make your life easier.


Wanwan is essentially the marksman version of Benedetta. She can dash with each basic attack and has the ability that can cancel crowd controls.

With that said, what makes Wanwan a hard matchup is that she has the ability to dodge all of Benedetta’s basic attack and abilities with just her basic attacks alone.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang marskman Wanwan with article link to counter guide
The 3 best heroes to counter Wanwan in Mobile Legends

A good Wanwan player is also able to time her Crossbow of Tang so that she only activates it after Benedetta has casted Alecto: Final Blow.

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Ling is as equally as annoying as Shadow Ranger. He can quickly go in and out of a team fight with Finch Poise and can even dodge all of Benedetta’s abilities with the Tempest of Blades-Defiant Sword combo.

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It might not be that much of a lopsided affair, but a good Ling player will be able to outmaneuver almost anyone in the game, including Benedetta.


Last but not least, the hero that every mobile hero hates with a passion – Minsitthar. It will only take one skill, King’s Calling, to disable all of Benedetta’s basic attack and dash abilities.

The Shadow Ranger might have the upper hand in the early game and 1v1 situations, but Minsitthar will slowly get the lead once both heroes finish their core items.

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Once Benedetta gets caught with the ultimate, it’s over and she will either be forced to use her Alecto: Final Blow to get out of the King’s Calling area of effect or try to shamefully walk away without the passive effects of Elapsed Daytime.

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