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Move over Luo Yi, because there’s a new and better global team fight initiator in the Land of Dawn, and he’s undeniably adorable!

Moonton Games has unveiled the latest addition to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang‘s roster – Chip, the first hero this year.

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He stands out with his distinctive appearance – a diminutive, endearing sand fox endowed with exceptional intelligence, perched atop a mobile robotic chair and always clutching a packet of potato chips.

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Beyond his charming demeanor, he boasts a skill set that’s as unique as it is effective. Here’s a comprehensive look at what this new hero brings to the battlefield.

Chip’s skills in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Moonton Games question on their Facebook page asking which lane is Chip best suited for.
Credit: Moonton Games

Passive – Snack Time!

He starts eating potato chips when out of combat, regenerating some of his lost HP after finishing a bag.

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He will then be full for some time and won’t sneak a bite until the effect wears off.

Skill 1 – Crash Course

Chip overcharges his hovercraft and rams it into the ground, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and applying a mark to enemy heroes hit.

He will gain a shield if this skill hits an enemy hero, and each additional hero hit strengthens the shield.

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His next basic attack also becomes ranged and will hit all nearby enemies that have a mark, which will in turn detonate the marked enemy to deal magic damage and briefly stun the target.

Skill 2 – Overtime

He starts gaining movement speed. After reaching the maximum speed, he will maintain it for a brief period.

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His next Basic Attack will also cause him to charge at the target, dealing magic damage and knocking them back slightly.

Ultimate – Shortcut

Chip deploys a portal on top of an enemy hero, dealing magic damage and slowing them. After a delay, this Main Portal will deal Magic Damage to nearby enemies and slow them.

The Main Portal inherits a percentage of his HP. At the same time, Connecting Portals will be created next to allied heroes and behind the allied base.

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Both allied and enemy heroes can touch the Connecting Portals to teleport to the Main Portal, and allied heroes will gain extra Movement Speed when they arrive at the Main Portal.

Allied and enemy heroes can stand on the Main Portal for a moment to return to the Connecting Portal they came from.

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The Main Portal and Connecting Portals will disappear after a certain amount of time.

Special – Why Walk?

Why walk when you can teleport? He can access four preplaced teleport beacons around the map.

Standing on a beacon will activate the Special Skill which allows him to teleport to any other beacon.

When ganking, use Chip’s second skill Overtime to quickly get behind the target and knock them into your team with the enhanced basic attack, then follow up with his first skill Crash Course, and another basic attack to stun them.

Chip will be released on March 16, 2024.

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