Updated on July 22, 12:22 p.m. (GMT+8): Adjusted best build and emblem based on MLBB patch 1.8.92.

Driven by vengeance, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Roger vows to eradicate the threat of werewolves in the world, including anyone who will stand in his way.

The Dire Wolf Hunter is undeniably one of the most agile and snowball-potent heroes you can play in the Land of Dawn, having the ability to deal massive damage up close and from a distance, thanks to his impressive skill set.

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Categorized as a fighter and a marksman, he can be the best of both worlds—if you use him correctly.

In this extensive ONE Esports guide, you’ll learn exactly that as well as the hero’s ideal battle spell and emblem, best build, skill combos, and tips.

Roger’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Full Moon Curse

Roger can freely switch between human and wolf forms. His basic attacks inflict a percentage slow on hit in human form. In wolf form, his basic attacks deal a certain percentage of the target’s lost HP as extra physical damage.

  • Each time you land a basic attack, you can trigger Full Moon Curse. Buy attack speed items early to ramp up your damage output.
  • Use your human form to kite enemies to slow them down and make them easy targets for you and your team.
  • Switch to wolf form if the enemy is low on HP. This way, you’re maximizing his passive.

First Human Form Skill – Open Fire

Roger swiftly fires two shots in a targeted direction, inflicting significant physical damage upon striking the enemy.

The first shot ensnares the foe in a hunter’s net, reducing their movement speed. The second shot is a powerful bullet that weakens the enemy’s physical defense for a duration.

  • Use this to poke enemies from long range.
  • Since this is a skill shot, you need to make sure to point the skill onto the target’s location to ensure a hit. Do this by dragging on to the first skill and aligning the projection towards the enemy.
  • Once the bullets hit, you can continue kiting your target hero with basic attacks while keeping yourself in range. This will trigger the Full Moon Curse passive over and over.

Second Human Form Skill – Hunter’s Steps

Roger gains a percentage of movement speed and attack speed for a duration.

  • Use this to close the gap when you’re trying to kill an enemy hero. Activate this after you land your first skill.
  • This also makes Roger a beast as a jungler because you can activate this to rotate the map faster, giving you the ability to take down objectives and help other lanes more quickly.
  • In situations when you are targeted by the enemy team, activate this to escape.

Ultimate – Wolf Transformation

Active: Roger lunges in the target direction and turns into wolf form, dealing physical damage to enemies hit and slowing them by a percentage for a duration.

Passive: In wolf form, Roger gains physical and magic Defense as well as movement speed.

  • Wolf Transformation can be used at level one, which means that you can take advantage of both Roger’s human form and wolf form skills.
  • The transformation itself inflicts damage, so you have to drag the skill to where your targets are for added damage output.
  • Make sure to exhaust all of Roger’s human form skills first prior to activating Wolf Transformation so that you can take advantage of its buffs.

Wolf Form First Skill – Lycan Pounce

Roger lunges at the enemy, becoming untargetable, and unleashes a devastating burst of physical damage, impacting multiple foes within the vicinity.

Getting a kill or assist reduces the cooldown of this skill by a large percentage.

  • To ensure maximum damage, activate this skill only after kiting the enemies with your human form skills and basic attacks. Lower HP heroes will take more damage thanks to the Full Moon Curse passive.
  • This skill can also be used to chase enemies. Use your ultimate then trigger this skill preferably to squishy heroes in the backline.
  • You can also use this skill to dodge enemy skills, damage from neutral objectives, and turret damage.

Wolf Form Second Skill – Bloodthirsty Howl

Roger lets out a howl, increasing his attack speed to a multiplier for a couple of seconds. For the duration, he gains a percentage of extra movement speed upon spotting an enemy hero below a certain percentage of HP.

  • The skill is most potent when you’re dealing with heroes who have low HP. It’s best to use it when you’re ready to dish out damage using basic attacks.
  • Make sure to activate this whenever available to continually trigger the Full Moon Curse passive.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Roger in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Roger Roger recommended battle spells
Credit: ONE Esports

The go-to choice when playing Roger as a jungler is the Retribution battle spell.

This spell enables you to swiftly clear jungle camps, including key objectives like the Lord and Turtle, accelerating your farm and item acquisition.

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Additionally, you can either go for the Ice Retribution or the Bloody Retribution.

The former gives you the ability to steal movement speed from an enemy target, thereby improving your ability to chase targets down. The latter gives your the ability to siphon HP from the enemy.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang battle spell retribution guide
Credit: ONE Esports

If you find yourself in the side lane, Flicker can be a viable option. This spell can be used to reposition in fights offensively or defensively.

Recommended emblem

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Roger emblem set
Credit: ONE Esports

Select the Assassin emblem to bolster your adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed.

Getting Rupture as your first standard talent can help you ramp up your early game, as the adaptive penetration makes a big difference when it comes to securing skills.

The second standard talent is adjustable, depending on what role you assume for the team. If you want to increase your utility as a jungler, take Seasoned Hunter. The damage against the Lord and Turtle makes you a threat when contesting neutral objectives.

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Playing in the side lanes, you can take Festival of Blood for spell vamp. This syncs well with your damage abilities both in human and wolf forms.

For your core talent, take Killing Spree. The instant HP recovery and movement speed after a kill is crucial, especially in tight team fights where you are needed to dish out damage.

Roger best build

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Roger Roger best build
Credit: ONE Esports

If you want to play an aggressive style on Roger, you can take Swift Boots. If you’re up against many magic damage heroes on the enemy team, consider getting Tough Boots instead.

Follow it up with Sky Piercer to boost your kill potential, then get Windtalker. The item allows you to continually take advantage of the Full Moon Curse passive and ramp up your early-game presence.

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Continue bolstering your offense with physical attack items. You’ll be a killing machine once you buy Endless Battle, War Axe and Malefic Roar in the late-game.

When playing as a gold laner, consider getting Haas’ Claws and Great Dragon Spear as your last two items. This helps your survivability tremendously while also boosting your damage.

The best build for Roger in Mobile Legends

  • Swift Boots
  • Sky Piercer
  • Windtalker
  • Endless Battle
  • War Axe
  • Malefic Roar

Easy combos to learn

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Maximize both your human and wolf form abilities whether you’re playing as a jungler or as a sidelaner.

If you’re a jungler, max out skill one first to help clear camps faster. Once available, use your second skill to get to jungle camps quickly.

Activate your Open Fire in human form to a target creep, hit it with basic attacks then transform into wolf form. Use Lycan Pounce and Bloodthirsty Howl and hit creeps with more basic attacks.

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You can then transform to human form again to use Hunter’s Steps to move to the next jungle camp. The same combo applies in killing minions in the lane.

When engaging an enemy hero, use your Open Fire ability to initiate, and Hunter’s Steps to close the gap. Continue kiting at a safe distance until the enemy has a low health bar.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Phantom Ranger Roger Wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Once you see an opening, use your Wolf Transformation and unleash massive damage with a combination of Lycan Pounce, Bloodthirsty Howl, and basic attacks.

Use Ice or Bloody Retribution on fleeing enemies, or Execute to finish them off.

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