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Harley, the Mage Genius, is a flashy assassin-mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Using his unique skill set, he can easily blink close to his target, burst them down, and escape unscathed back to his magic hat.

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If you’re looking to master playing this cunning young magician, here’s a comprehensive ONE Esports guide for you.

Harley’s skills in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Harley guide-Magic Master, passive skill icon
Credit: ONE Esports

Passive – Magic Master

Harley’s mastery of magic allows his basic attacks to deal magic damage. His attacks reduce the enemy’s magic defense for several seconds on hit.

The magic defense reduction has max stacks.

  • It’s recommended to buy at least one item that improves your attack speed, such as Feather of Heaven, to easily reach the max stacks of magic defense reduction.

First skill – Poker Trick

Harley throws three waves of cards in the target direction, each dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and granting him extra attack speed that stacks for several seconds on hit. Enemies hit more than three times will take less damage from subsequent hits.

  • Poker Trick is Harley’s main damage-dealing skill, so max this first.
  • You can move when casting this skill, allowing you to maximize the damage you deal while maneuvering on the battlefield.
  • Harley’s wave of cards doesn’t travel in a straight line, but instead in a small fan-shaped area. This makes it challenging to hit all of them on your target when you are positioned far away from them.
  • To make sure you hit your opponent with all three waves of the cards, get as close as you can to them. However, ensure that you won’t be controlled upon closing in.

Second skill – Space Escape

Harley blinks in the designated direction, leaving a magic hat in his place, increasing his movement speed for a few seconds.

Use again within four seconds to return to where the hat is and lose the speed boost.

  • Use Space Escape to easily approach your target, and retreat to safety when you’re done finishing them off or dealing significant damage.
  • As the name suggests, you can also use this to simply get out of dangerous situations.
  • If an enemy is chasing you, use the movement speed boost to run as far as possible before returning to the hat.
  • As much as possible, try to cast Space Escape from a bush when initiating, so it will be hard for the opponents to pursue you when you return to the hat.

Ultimate – Deadly Magic

Harley casts a magic ring of fire at the target enemy hero (which can be blocked by other heroes), dealing magic damage and slowing them down for a few seconds. The magic ring stays around the enemy for several seconds, during which he can hit the magic ring to damage the enemy with his skills.

The magic ring will explode at the end of the duration, dealing magic damage that includes a percentage of the target’s damage taken within the duration.

  • To increase your chances of eliminating your target with Deadly Magic, lower their HP to below half.
  • Ensure that your target is not surrounded by their tanky teammates, as this ultimate can be blocked.
  • The explosion damage also takes into account the damage dealt by equipment. Consider buying items that inflict extra damage, such as Glowing Wand and Feather of Heaven.
  • Use Hero Lock Mode and Skill Smart Targeting to ensure you hit your intended target with Deadly Magic.
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A comprehensive guide on how to play Harley in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends Harley guide-Retribution and Flameshot battle spells
Credit: ONE Esports

Select Retribution if you’re playing Harley as a jungler. This battle spell provides valuable effects that allow you to swiftly clear jungle creeps, leading to faster farming and item acquisition.

Additionally, Retribution can help you secure crucial objectives, such as the Lord and Turtle, to give your team a significant advantage.

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Alternatively, if you’re playing as a mid or gold laner, Flameshot is an ideal choice. Use it to deal extra damage when you cast Deadly Magic on an enemy.

Recommended emblem

Recommended emblem set for Harley in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

The Assassin emblem works best for Harley regardless of your role, for it substantially boosts adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed, enabling you to efficiently get pickoffs.

The 3 best heroes to counter Harley in Mobile Legends

Choose Rupture in the first tier for additional adaptive penetration, and Seasoned Hunter in the second tier for extra damage against the Lord, Turtle, and creeps if you’re playing as a jungler.

If you’re playing as a laner, opt for Bargain Hunter instead to quickly acquire your core items.

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In the final tier, pick Lethal Ignition, which allows you to inflict adaptive damage to your target when you hit them with your combo.

Harley best build

Mobile Legends Harley guide-pro item builds
Credit: ONE Esports

When it comes to itemization, Genius Wand, Divine Glaive, and Glowing Wand are core items for Harley.

Divine Glaive or Genius Wand? When to buy these magic penetration items

Genius Wand and Divine Glaive allow you to effectively penetrate through enemies’ magic defense, while Glowing Wand applies a burn effect on your target.

To further bolster your magic power, buy Blood Wings, Holy Crystal, or Feather of Heaven.

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The best build for Harley in Mobile Legends

  • Arcane Boots (Bloody or Ice Retribution if you’re a jungler)
  • Genius Wand
  • Glowing Wand
  • Divine Glaive
  • Winter Truncheon
  • Blood Wings

Easy combos to learn

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Starcaster Harley
Credit: Moonton Games

In the early game, cut the distance against your target using Space Escape, then hit them with Poker Trick to inflict massive damage.

When you reach level four, use Space Escape to close in on your enemy before casting Deadly Magic. Unleash Poker Trick and basic attacks to deal huge damage, then retreat back to the hat and wait for the Deadly Magic to explode, finishing off your target.

You can also begin your combo with Deadly Magic, then use Space Escape to approach your opponent, and hit them with Poker Trick from close range to maximize your damage.

Use Retribution or Flameshot to inflict additional damage, increasing the chance that your target will die upon the explosion of Deadly Magic.

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