Jungle Fredrinn continues to be one of the most solid hero picks in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang both in ranked games and pro play — and it’s easy to see why.

The tank-fighter’s durability is otherworldly thanks to his Crystalline Armor passive, which allows him to soak damage and deal it as his own. This makes him an effective hero at the frontline, able to will his team in fights and objective takes.

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His firepower is also incredibly potent, with his Piercing Strike, Brave Assault, Energy Eruption, and Appraiser’s Wrath skills giving him the ability to control and deal considerable damage to minions and enemy heroes alike.

Then again, jungle Fredrinn only works if you know which pieces of equipment to build for him. In fact, there are items that allow him to take over in this role, bolstering his ability to be a menace at the vanguard and to impact the game as a whole.

The 3 best items to make jungle Fredrinn a relentless rogue in Mobile Legends

Cursed Helmet

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang defensive item Cursed Helmet
Credit: ONE Esports

When it comes to jungle Fredrinn’s itemization, the Cursed Helmet stands as one of the best items to go for.

Not only does this item bolster your survivability through the HP and Magic Resistance boosts, but it also possesses a unique passive ability called Burning Soul.

Burning Soul unleashes a percentage of your max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies, allowing you to quickly clear jungle camps and inflict consistent damage in team fights. Consider it an absolute must-have in your build route.

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Guardian’s Helmet

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang defensive item Guardian's Helmet
Credit: ONE Esports

The Guardian’s Helmet is an invaluable asset for your jungle Fredrinn.

With its unique passive ability, Recovery, this item allows you to consistently regenerate a percentage of your total HP every second, provided that you haven’t taken any damage for at least five seconds.

One of the notable advantages of this equipment is that it allows you to retreat into the jungle after a skirmish, activate the passive ability to restore your health, and continue farming. This maximizes your uptime and overall efficiency on the map.

Moreover, during the mid-game, as team fights become more frequent and objectives such as the Turtle or Lord become highly contested, the Guardian’s Helmet offers a crucial advantage by allowing you to stay healthy between encounters. You can confidently engage in fights, strategically retreat to recover, and then rejoin the battle to contest again.

Another appealing aspect of this item is its synergy with the Cursed Helmet. By equipping the Guardian’s Helmet alongside the Cursed Helmet, you can further amplify your magic damage per second from the Burning Soul ability, thanks to the increased total HP provided by the item.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang defensive item Immortality
Credit: ONE Esports

You can never go wrong with Immortality when you’re playing as jungle Fredrinn. This defensive item not only bolsters your hero’s HP and Physical Defense, but also features a unique passive ability called Immortal.

The Immortal ability automatically resurrects your hero upon death, replenishing a portion of your HP and enveloping you with a protective shield that absorbs damage. This resurrection can have a profound impact on team fights, giving you a second chance to fulfill your role in battle.

As a frontliner, you often lead the charge in team fights and bear the brunt of attacks. By having Immortality, you can afford to adopt a more aggressive playstyle and take calculated risks, knowing that you have a safety net if things go south.

This item proves particularly valuable in late-game situations where respawn timers are lengthy and every moment matters.

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