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Terizla is a fierce fighter in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who becomes stronger the more he takes damage.

Body of Smith, his passive, converts attack speed to physical attack, and grants him damage reduction when he loses HP. This allows him to unleash slow yet devastating attacks in team fights.

He uses Penalty Zone, his ultimate skill, to hold enemies down in place, and smashes them with Execution Strike and Revenge Strike to deal tremendous damage with the added slow.

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His durability can be boosted by Bloodlust Axe and Festival of Blood talent from the Fighter emblem, which provide him significant spell vamp, making him almost unkillable.

Despite his strengths, Terizla’s slow attack speed and skill animation, as well as the absence of mobility spells, make him vulnerable to heroes with strong crowd control or burst damage.

Three strong counters to Terizla in Mobile Legends


Valir can easily stop Terizla in his tracks using his fiery arsenal of knockback, slow, and stun debuffs. Moreover, he boasts of a built-in Purify through his Vengeance Flame, which also enhances his other skills.

If he lunges at you with his Penalty Zone, quickly cast Vengeance Flame and push him back with Searing Torrent. To trigger Ashing’s stun effect, continuously hit him with Burst Fireball.

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Remember to purchase Ice Queen Wand to further slow him down, and Necklace of Durance to reduce his HP regeneration. Get defensive items, such as Immortality and Antique Cuirass, to increase your survivability in case your ultimate is on cooldown.

Flicker is an excellent battle spell for you to reposition and throw your spells at him from a safe distance.


Using the true damage from her Lightwheel Mark passive, Karrie can shred through any tanky hero, including Terizla.

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When he attempts to chase you down, use Phantom Step to create distance, then slow him down with Spinning Lightwheel. Activate Speedy Lightwheel and repeatedly strike him with basic attacks to trigger the passive.

Always keep a safe distance even while attacking, and dodge his attacks using Phantom Step. If you get caught by Penalty Zone, use Flicker or Purify to get away.

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After buying the core items for Karrie, purchase Sea Halberd to weaken his spell vamp.

If you’re looking for a magic burst damage dealer to fill this role, Lunox is a viable option.


Want to engage Terizla in the lane? Pick Guinevere, who has a long-duration crowd control and a high-damage combo.

Before going in for the kill, make sure to accumulate Super Magic to enhance your next basic attack. Hide in a bush and wait for the right moment to cast Spatial Migration.

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Once you’ve knocked him airborne with Spatial Migration, strike him with the enhanced basic attack, followed by Violet Requiem to deal immense damage and keep him controlled.

Use Energy Wave to slow him down, and then finish him off with another enhanced basic attack.

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Choose Execute as your battle spell and use it as your last resort if he manages to survive your initial combo. Purchase Necklace of Durance or Dominance Ice to weaken his HP regen.

Freya is a great alternative here if you prefer a physical damage dealer.

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