Terizla is a tanky and deadly fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

His passive skill allows him to gain damage reduction the more health he loses, making him a solid frontline hero.

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Moreover, he can deal massive damage to enemies using his ultimate and other active abilities, while hindering their movement with multiple crowd control effects.

Here’s an extensive ONE Esports guide to help you attain mastery over the terrifying Executioner of the Land of Dawn.

Terizla’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Body of Smith

Terizla gains extra damage reduction (up to a certain percentage) for every particular percentage of HP lost.

He cannot gain extra attack speed, and will convert every extra attack speed he is supposed to receive into extra physical attack.

  • Body of Smith makes you durable as Terizla, allowing you to absorb damage from enemies and protect your allies.
  • Since you acquire damage reduction as you lose HP, it’s essential to build defensive items to avoid getting burst down, allowing you to maximize the effect of this passive.

First skill – Revenge Strike

Terizla cracks the ground with his hammer and the fissure will spread out, dealing physical damage. After the fissure hits the first target, it will drill into the target and slow them.

At the same time, Terizla’s movement speed will be increased for a few seconds. The fissure on target will then explode, dealing base damage plus a percentage of the enemy’s lost HP as physical damage.

  • Make use of Revenge Strike’s slowing effect and movement speed boost to pursue your target, or escape from approaching enemies.
  • Always aim to hit an enemy hero first to make sure you inflict them with this skill’s explosion damage.
  • When poking, use this skill first to maximize the damage from the delayed explosion, as it takes into account your target’s lost HP.
  • The fissure travels in a straight line, so it’s recommended to manually aim Revenge Strike for better accuracy.

Second skill – Execution Strike

Terizla waves his hammer in a fan-shaped area ahead. This skill can be cast up to three times. The first two attacks deal physical damage each, while the third deals bigger physical damage. Enemies hit will also be slowed (the slowing effect can stack).

Deals less damage to minions when not yet maxed out.

  • It’s advisable to acquire Execution Strike at level one to swiftly clear the first wave of minions, and get an early advantage against your lane opponent.
  • Since this is Terizla’s primary damage and farming ability, prioritize maxing it out.
  • The second and third strikes can be cast within a few seconds. Use this mechanic in the early game to poke your enemy and force them out of the lane, denying them EXP and gold from minions.
  • Each strike costs mana. If the extra strikes are not necessary to use, do not cast them to preserve your mana.
  • You can move briefly while casting Execution Strike.
  • This skill can only be interrupted by airborne, frozen, suppressed or transformed effects.

Ultimate – Penalty Zone

Terizla jumps to the designated area, dealing massive physical damage and knocking enemies airborne. He then summons Scaffold and slows enemies. Scaffold will send out a hook at enemy heroes in range and pull them several times while dealing physical damage each time.

  • Penalty Zone has a slow cast animation. To make it less predictable, you can hide in a bush before activating it.
  • Additionally, you can use Flicker to extend the ultimate’s range, and surprise your target.
  • You can jump over walls using Penalty Zone, making it a great escape tool.
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A comprehensive guide on how to play Terizla in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Recommended battle spell

Recommended battle spell for fighter hero Terizla in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Flicker
Credit: ONE Esports

Since Terizle does not have a reliable mobility skill, Flicker is the most suitable battle spell for him. Use it to close the gap against your enemies, or escape from sticky situations.

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Furthermore, you can use it to make surprise initiations with your Penalty Zone, which is one of the most explosive Flicker ultimate combos in the game.

Recommended emblem

Recommended emblem set for fighter hero Terizla in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

As Terizla, selecting the Fighter emblem gives you a combination of sustainability and damage. It provides you with substantial spell vamp, adaptive attack, and hybrid defense.

Take Rupture in the first tier to acquire additional adaptive penetration, and Festival of Blood to further amplify your spell vamp.

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Alternatively, you can replace Rupture with Vitality for extra HP, or Firmness for additional physical and magic defense if you want to be more durable.

Complete your emblem set with Brave Smite. This core talent periodically restores a percentage of your max health when you deal skill damage, further boosting your sustainability in team fights.

Terizla best build

Recommended item build and battle setup for fighter hero Terizla in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

Since you will primarily serve as a frontliner, enhancing your durability is the way to go.

Start with the suitable type of Boots based on your opponent in the lane, then purchase Bloodlust Axe to obtain spell vamp, physical attack, and cooldown reduction.

However, if your lane enemy has HP regeneration capabilities, go straight for Dominance Ice.

Follow up with appropriate defensive items based on your enemy team’s composition. Buy Antique Cuirass or Blade Armor for physical defense, and Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor for magic resistance.

Invest in Immortality to increase your survivability, especially in the late game.

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The best build for Terizla in Mobile Legends

  • Tough/Warrior Boots
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Dominance Ice
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Immortality

Easy combos to learn

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Terizla Hammer Giant skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton Games

During the laning phase, pressure your enemy by hitting them with Revenge Strike, followed quickly by Execution Strike. By doing this combo, you will inflict significant damage from the explosion of Revenge Strike.

However, if your opponent is too mobile, you can slow them down first with the first cast of Execution Strike before targeting them with Revenge Strike. Proceed by hitting them with the last two casts of your second skill.

Once you acquire your Penalty Zone ultimate, you can execute different combos.

Initiate your assault with Revenge Strike, then smash your target with Penalty Zone and Execution Strike. With this, you will maximize the explosion damage from Revenge Strike.

If you need to hold your target down right away, trigger Penalty Zone before hitting them with Revenge Strike and Execution Strike.

Additionally, you can perform the Flicker-Penalty Zone combo to extend the cast range of your ultimate and surprise your enemies.

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