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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang‘s 100th hero was Benedetta, the Shadow Ranger.

Moonton rates her at 8/10 difficulty in-game. She’s not easy to play because her damage isn’t done in one full burst, nor does she deal consistent damage like a marksman.

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Her trade patterns compared to other heroes is different due to her unique passive.

Learn how to play Benedetta with the help of our comprehensive guide, which includes ideal battle spell, emblem, best build, and skill combos.

Benedetta’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Elapsed Daytime

When holding down the Basic Attack button, Benedetta enters the Swordout state and keeps gathering the Sword Intent. If releasing the Basic Attack button after the Sword Intent is fully charged, Benedetta will use Swordout Slash in the direction she’s facing and dash forward, dealing physical damage (identified as skill damage and decays on minions and creeps) to enemies on the path.

Only when Benedetta is in Swordout state and her Sword Intent is fully charged by holding down the Basic Attack button, she can release the Swordout Slash. She can also gain Sword Intent when dealing damage via basic attack and skills.

  • The charge up bar is the sword below your health bar. Only when you hold it long enough for it to turn red, can you then release it for Benedetta to perform Swordout Slash.
  • Chain a basic attack after by releasing and immediately pressing on the basic attack button again once you let go.
  • Note that Benedetta’s Swordout Slash will move her in the direction she’s facing, that is, based on your direction wheel. This takes a while to get used to, for we are so used to directing abilities using our skill panel on the right.
  • This is a blink movement that allows Benedetta to go over walls, which makes her even more slippery.
  • Repeatedly charge up and let go of your Basic Attack button as you leave the base so that you can keep dashing, quickly moving across the battlefield.
  • Other than the time it takes to charge up, this ability is completely free. Use it to dodge enemy skill shots too!
  • Elapsed Daytime deals skill damage. Thus, it triggers spell vamp.

First skill – Phantom Slash

Benedetta withdraws swiftly and leaves a shadow in front. After a short delay, her shadow slashes forward in a fan-shaped area, dealing physical damage and slowing the enemies for a moment.

Meanwhile, she dashes forward to slash, dealing physical damage. (If the target is hit by her shadow, damage caused by Benedetta herself will double up.)

  • Read that last line again. If the target is hit by her shadow — not Benedetta — your damage to that target will increase two-fold.
  • This is your key skill that you should up whenever you can. As much as possible, make sure your shadow hits the target that you’re aiming for so that you can finish the job.

Second skill – An Eye For An Eye

Benedetta raises her weapon to defend, gaining control immunity and blocking damage from any source for a moment. After this, she stabs in the designated direction, dealing physical damage.

If she successfully fends off any damage while defending, she will gain full Sword Intent. If she fends off any control effects, her subsequent stab stuns the target.

  • Since the effects of An Eye For An Eye are a premium (control immunity and blocks all damage from any source), the duration of it is rather short at less than a second. It also has a longer cooldown compared to her other skills, so use it strategically in fights.
  • It is another blink ability, for Benedetta will move in the designated direction.

Ultimate – Alecto: Final Blow

Benedetta clenches Alecto and slashes forward after a short delay, slowing all targets on the path for a second. (She is untargetable during the dash.)

After dashing, she detonates the Sword Intent on the path, strangling the enemy with the Sword Intent for a few seconds, dealing physical damage and slowing the enemy.

  • Her ultimate has a low cooldown, so you can even use it to clear minion waves.
  • Do not initiate a fight with her ultimate even though it is tempting to do so. As she’s squishy, she easily gets burst down in the backline.
  • For optimal results, combo with a crowd controller who can lock down enemies for your ultimate to hit the full duration.
  • Otherwise, you can use it as a gap closer when chasing down enemies because this skill propels her the longest distance. You don’t need to always ensure that it hits enemies.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Benedetta in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends Benedetta guide-Petrify and Retribution battle spells
Credit: ONE Esports

Petrify is highly recommended if you’re playing Benedetta in the EXP lane. It allows you to immobilize your target in place, and ensure that you hit them with Alecto: Final Blow or Phantom Slash.

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Alternatively, if you’re playing as a jungler, Retribution is the best choice. It enables you to effectively clear creeps quickly, and secure the Turtle and Lord objectives.

Recommended emblem

Credit: ONE Esports

As Benedetta, the most suitable choice is the Assassin emblem. It grants substantial adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed, allowing you to pick off enemies in the backline, and disengage quickly.

Alternatively, if you need a mix of damage and durability, opt for the Fighter emblem. It provides you with significant spell vamp, adaptive attack, and hybrid defense.

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Select Rupture in the first tier for extra adaptive penetration, and Festival of Blood in the second tier for additional spell vamp, which increases when you get a kill or assist.

As for your core talent, pick Lethal Ignition, which enables you to deal additional adaptive damage when you hit your target multiple times. This can be triggered easily by Alecto: Final Blow.

Benedetta best build

Mobile Legends Benedetta guide-best build
Credit: ONE Esports

Items wise, Benedetta has two core items: Bloodlust Axe and Hunter Strike.

Bloodlust Axe provides physical attack, cooldown reduction, and spell vamp, while Hunter Strike gives physical attack and penetration, as well as extra movement speed when you trigger its unique passive.

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From there, you can purchase defensive items based on the enemy team’s composition. Buy Dominance Ice, Antique Cuirass, or Blade Armor for physical defense, and Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor for physical defense.

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Complete your build with Malefic Roar for additional physical attack. But if you need to increase your survivability, then opt for Immortality.

The best build for Benedetta in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots (Ice Retribution if you’re a jungler)
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Hunter Strike
  • Dominance Ice
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Malefic Roar

Skill combos to learn and more tips

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang collector skin, Death Oath Benedetta
Credit: Moonton

During the laning stage, initiate with Elapsed Daytime to swiftly close in on your opponent, followed by unleashing Phantom Slash to deal damage. Anticipate their retaliation and be prepared to cast An Eye For An Eye, which will provide you with a defensive option.

Upon reaching level four, you may start your combo with Phantom Slash or Alecto: Final Blow. Regardless of your choice, make sure to follow up with continuous damage using Elapsed Daytime. When necessary, safely disengage by using An Eye For An Eye.

If you have Petrify as your battle spell, you can use it to land your Phantom Slash and An Eye for An Eye in the early game, and Alecto: Final Blow when you obtain it.

Upon casting Alecto: Final Blow, tap Petrify repeatedly to immobilize the enemies on the path.

It’s likely you’ll end up with a negative KDA as you start learning how to play Benedetta. Keep practicing! It takes time to master the new mechanic of charging up her passive’s Swordout Slash, and ensuring you position her in the right direction after doing so.

As you let your tank initiate on the front line, look for flank angles, or sweep in with your ultimate Alecto: Final Blow — but only after key skills have been used by the enemy.

Alternatively, instead of going for the big plays, start by positioning around the fringe of fights. Even though her ultimate is an AoE, Benedetta is still an assassin who is looking to land Phantom Slash on her chosen target.

Using her mobility, weave in and out of fights. Don’t be afraid to step out, then jump back in for the killing blow.

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