Lylia, the Little Witch, is a mischievous black magician in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

With her unique abilities, she excels at both slowing down and bursting her enemies using her Shadow Energy-Magic Shockwave combo.

She can effortlessly maneuver around her opponents, thanks to the bonus movement speed provided by her Angry Gloom passive.

In dire situations, she can cheat death using her ultimate, Black Shoes. It lets her return to her location from a few seconds ago, restore her health and mana points to their previous states, and replenish her Shadow Energy charges.

However, she is very squishy and relies on Purify for her to successfully cast Black Shoes when she gets controlled. Consider picking these heroes when you go up against her in the Land of Dawn.

Three strong counters to Lylia in Mobile Legends


Chou Go Ballistic skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

A fighter hero with a deadly combo and solid crowd control, Chou can swiftly eliminate Lylia on the battlefield.

Once you hit level four as Chou, you can start ganking her. Begin your combo with the first two kicks of Jeet Kune Do, then cast Shunpo to close the distance.

Hit her with the third kick of Jeet Kune Do to knock her airborne. Finish her off using The Way of Dragon.

Don’t be upset if she uses Purify and Black Shoes. The Way of Dragon has a low cooldown, and you can go for another attempt once it becomes available again.

To maximize your damage potential, build Blade of the Heptaseas and Blade of Despair. With these two offensive items, you can surely take her down using the combo.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M2 Champion skin, Bren Esports Lancelot
Credit: Moonton

Lancelot‘s unique skill set allows him to quickly dash and burst down squishy heroes staying in the backline, such as Lylia.

When you spot her, initiate your attack by using Puncture to dash through enemy minions and narrow the gap against her. Follow up with Thorned Rose to unleash devastating damage, then take her down with Phantom Execution.

If she manages to trigger Black Shoes, continue chasing her using Puncture. If you’re playing as a jungler, use Ice Retribution to slow her down and prevent her from fleeing.

Buy Blade of the Heptaseas, Blade of Despair, and Endless Battle to boost your damage, giving you the potential to dispatch her with just Thorned Rose and basic attacks.

If Lancelot is unavailable, there are other exceptional assassins like Ling, Natalia, and Helcurt, who can also be effective choices when facing Lylia.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Kaja Skyblocker skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Kaja proves to be a formidable counter against Lylia due to his ultimate, Divine Judgment, which applies a suppression effect that cannot be removed by Purify. With this, you can prevent her from using Black Shoes.

Catch her using Divine Judgment, then drag her towards your allies using Lightning Bomb. Hit her with Ring of Order and enhanced basic attack from Wrath Sanction to deal damage, while allowing your teammates to burst her down.

If you’re playing as a roamer, purchase Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor to mitigate her magic damage. Alternatively, if you’re playing as a side laner or mid laner, buy Calamity Reaper, Genius Wand, and Holy Crystal to boost your magic output.

You can choose Franco as a replacement if Kaja is not available, as the popular support/tank hero also has suppression in his ultimate, Bloody Hunt.

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