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If you think that models can only be found in the world of entertainment and sports, think again.

While K-pop stars like Blackpink’s Jennie and BTS’ Jungkook have been grabbing headlines with their Calvin Klein campaigns, there’s another group of individuals who are prepared to make waves in the fashion world: gamers and esports players.

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League of Legends esports player and T1 jungler Mun “Oner” Hyeon-jun looks like he’s ready to take on his first modeling gig after posting a set of sizzling Instagram photos.

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Oner has broken the stereotypical image of gamers as couch potatoes by becoming a dedicated fitness enthusiast. He not only practices his gaming skills and streams online but also prioritizes his fitness routine with proper exercise and gym sessions.

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He was first seen going to the gym in 2022 after T1 CEO Joe Marsh tweeted a photo of him flexing his back muscles. On top of dealing with back pain, the player was also motivated to “look good” after seeing other fit people on social media.

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Squeezing time to hit the gym for about a year, the 20-year-old pro flaunted the fruits of his labor in a fiery photoshoot with the Korean studio, Rustic.

This is what T1 Oner looks like now after a year of bodybuilding and going to the gym

T1 Oner went topless and showed off his incredibly toned abs and massive arm muscles during the photoshoot.

One of the photos looked heavily inspired by BTS Jungkook’s Calvin Klein ad, where he wore an all-denim outfit and, coincidentally, the same brand of underwear.

With his tip-top build, it seems it won’t be long before Oner lands his first project as a model!

Aside from hitting the gym, Oner is also into sports. During his days as a student, he participated in numerous sports such as swimming, soccer, and taekwondo.

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In fact, he has reached the level of three dan black belts, which makes him qualified to become a teaching assistant or an assistant coach in the field.

According to Joe Marsh, Oner also plans to cosplay Lee Sin, one of his signature champions in the game, in the near future.

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