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Whenever a new region goes live in Genshin Impact, many players’ first order of business is to unlock all Statues of the Seven and teleport waypoints.

Underwater waypoints are one of the more complicated ones to unlock.

Sumeru comes with a total of seven Statues of the Seven and 46 teleport waypoints, nine of which are hidden and quest-gated. One of these is a tricky underwater waypoint located near a waterfall in Vissudha Field.

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Genshin Impact doesn’t have any diving mechanics, which means travelers always stay afloat in water, making it impossible to unlock the waypoint without draining all the river water.

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Worry not, we came up with a quick and easy guide you can follow for unlocking the underwater waypoint around Sumeru’s Vissudha Field.

A step by step guide on how to unlock Sumeru’s underwater waypoint

To unlock this underwater waypoint in Sumeru, you need to activate two cube mechanisms — one located at the entrance of the tunnel to the teleport waypoint and another inside the tunnel.

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Unlocking the first cube mechanism

  1. Teleport to the nearest Statue of the Seven.
  2. Go near the waterfalls as shown in the screenshot, where you will find the first cube mechanism.
  3. Defeat the Ruin Sentinels to unlock the cube and drain the water to its halfway point.

Unlocking the second cube mechanism

  1. After unlocking the first cube mechanism, from where you’re standing, enter the tunnel to your right until you reach a clearing.
  2. Using a Dendro character, activate all four Dendro totems in this area as shown in the screenshots.
  3. After doing so, proceed to the center and unlock the second cube mechanism to fully drain the river water.
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Second cube mechanism in unlocking Sumeru underwater waypoint
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ONE Esports

You will easily spot the first two Dendro totems, while the other two are hidden behind Dendro rocks. Activate the Dendrogranum nearby and use Dendrograna to break the Dendro rock near the Mist Flower and the other located on the high ground near the four-leaf sigil.

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One of the totems is locked behind a Dendro barrier, but you can easily climb over the wall or use the four-leaf sigil to get inside the room and activate the totem.

Sumeru underwater waypoint location in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ONE Esports

Once you’ve unlocked both cube mechanisms, all water will be drained out of the cave and you can finally unlock the teleport waypoint, located towards the direction of the Dendro totem with a Mist Flower beside it.

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