Having the right snacks on hand can enhance your esports viewing experience.

Yes, we should be cheering for our favorite teams, but who said we can’t do it with a smile on our face and a full tummy?

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If you’re not sure what to add to your shopping list, here are a few items I ALWAYS stand by.

The 3 favorite snacks I munch on whilst watching esports

3. Donuts

Donuts make a fantastic snack while watching esports
Credit: Danelie Purdue

A Western classic, I love snacking on soft fluffy donuts whilst watching esports tournaments. Keep in mind that I’m specifically talking about light airy donuts, and not the denser ones.

I always speak highly of donuts because they’re tasty munchies that you can nibble on without having to worry about falling into a food coma. Food comas are BAD BAD BAD if you’re trying to stay up and watch games.

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Personally, I always get lightly glazed or sugared donuts, so I don’t get overwhelmed by too many toppings.

2. Apam Balik

Apam balik are amazing snacks to munch on while watching esports
Credit: Danelie Purdue

An asian version of a pancake, apam balik, as they are called in Malaysia, is made of thick fluffy pancakes loaded with toppings, folded in half.

They’re extremely cheap in Malaysia, very easy to come by, and don’t require any kind of food etiquette when eating them. Who wants to be fancy if nobody is going to see you anyway?

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Standard toppings for apam balik include shredded coconut, sugar, banana, chocolate sprinkles, cheese, peanuts, and corn. Sweet, savory, or both, an apam balik can be anything you want it to be.

If you live in a country that doesn’t have apam balik, standard pancakes are a great alternative!

1. Caffeine

The king of esports snacks, you need caffeine
Credit: Danelie Purdue

Freshly brewed coffee, energy drinks infused with ginseng, fizzy drinks with caffeine, you name it! Caffeine come in all flavours, and is an absolute must-have if you plan to watch TI10, or any tournament, really.

Before you pull out your pitchfork and call foul, hear me out here. Yes, caffeine isn’t a classic snack item, but your stash isn’t complete without one.

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Us SEA fans tend to get the short end of the stick with tournament schedules. We end up awake at stupid times just to watch our favorite teams play.

What’s worse than nodding off while watching your teams play? FALLING ASLEEP!

Chug a caffeine beverage of your choice and meme away with Twitch chat all night long!

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Alternate snacks also worth munching on when watching esports

Le basic chips

Absolutely NOBODY can go wrong with a basic set up of chips.

They come in all kinds of flavors and are very easy to store. They are one of the most snack friendly options out there for fans wanting to explore the great big open world of snacks.

The humble salted pretzel

No, I’m not talking about the piping hot pretzels you can get from Aunty Anne’s. We’re talking about her cute little crunchy nephews you mindlessly shovel in your mouth.

Yeah, those ones.

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Pretzels are great crunchy snacks on their own, but pair them up with other flavors, and you won’t be able to put them down. Chocolate dipped pretzels, dried fruit, melty cheesy pretzels, I haven’t come across a combo that doesn’t work.

I recommend them as munchies if chips don’t satisfy your crunchy needs.

Chocolate, the queen of sweets

She’s sweet, addictive, and far too delicious to exist on Earth.

We’ve all fallen down a chocolate rabbit hole at some point in our lives and regretted it every time after.

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What holds chocolate back from my snack list is that it’s actually quite hard to eat a lot of it on its own in one sitting without feeling heaty afterwards.

Pair her up with something savory though, and you gucci!

Delicious, dried mango

Living in South East Asia, dried mango is so easy to come by, and it is truly an experience.

Compared to a normal mango, the dried version has a fresh concentrated sweetness with a nice chew that nothing can compete with. Both versions have their perks, but the dried kind is so much easier to store.

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In a similar boat as chocolate however, dried mangoes can get a little overwhelming if you have too many at once. It’s a snack you’d want to eat sparingly.

Stay hydrated with some good ol water

This one isn’t actually a notable mention. I figured that since you made it this far down to remind you to keep some water on hand.

If you need motivation to drink water, do it in the name of esports.

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There’s no real right or wrong when it comes to putting together a pantry for watching esports. We all have our favorite flavors and textures. At the end of the day, you ultimately know what’s best for you.

So, you do you!

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