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There’s a hero for everyone in Dota 2. Terrifying beasts, fantastical beings, and even some of the hottest men you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Let’s face it Dota fans, we’ve all caught ourselves fawning over one of the many playable heroes at some point. We’re pretty sure that you stopped to admire their stunning physique; we’re only human after all.

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Since our lovely ladies usually get all the attention, we’re here to remind you that Dota 2 is also home to some real fine men.

These are our top five hottest Dota 2 male heroes

5. Davion the Dragon Knight

Part knight, part dragon, and part hottie. We just had to include our beloved Dragon Knight, Davion from Studio Mir’s hit Netflix series, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood to our top five list of hottest male Dota 2 heroes.

Davion Dragon Knight Persona, 2021 Dota 2 Battle Pass, Dota 2
Credit: Valve

He’s sweet, empathetic, and loyal to all he considers friends. Even willing to put them ahead of himself regardless of what’s on the line, Davion’s devotion makes it really hard to hate him.

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Now, if Davion still isn’t your cup of tea, maybe Slyrak is? Human or Dragon, we won’t judge.

4. Terrorblade the Demon Marauder

Dota 2 Terrorblade official art
Credit: Valve

Usually portrayed as a selfish being who only cares about himself, Terrorblade will have you doing a double take as you wonder how a Demon can look so perfect.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Terrorblade is clearly the hottest Demon of them all.

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A little out there for the average person, Terrorblade’s imposing presence isn’t just for show, for he’s easily considered one of Dota 2’s most dangerous heroes if left alone.

He hits hard, can create functional illusions of himself, and consumes the lives of other heroes with the flick of his wrist.

Sunder me senpais~

3. Karl the Invoker

Dota 2 Invoker cosmetic set
Credit: Valve

A genius amongst mages and wizards, Karl, better known as Invoker is famed for his mastery of magic. Where many men can only learn one or two spells in a lifetime, he can command more than ten at once.

He may look young but due to a longevity spell — the Sempiternal Cantrap — he’s actually thousands of years old. He clearly made sure to preserve himself at peak hotness!

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You can’t deny Invoker is easily the hottest male user of magic in Dota 2 because he somehow managed to get together with Selemene, the Goddess of the Moon!

Don’t mind Selmene, take us instead.

2. Karroch the Beastmaster

Dota 2, Beastmaster
Credit: Valve

Karroch may be hit or miss whenever a new patch rolls around but we know for certain this fine man will always be meta in our hearts.

The finest example of a man who has fully embraced his primal side, Karroch can easily outmatch all but the largest foes who stand against him. In times of need, he can even call wild beasts to fight alongside him.

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Unfortunately, Karroch missed out on the number one spot as the hottest male Dota 2 character as he may be a little too primal for some. The fact that he’s superhuman levels of strong, embraces nature, and can talk to animals almost had us though.


1. Anti-mage

Dota 2, Anti-Mage, Legacy of the Awakened
Credit: Valve

Absolute perfection.

His physique, his composure. Anti-mage is the hottest male hero in Dota 2 for having the perfect mix of brains and brawn.

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Driven by his hatred of Magic, Anti-Mage vows to destroy all those who wield it after watching his old friends fall to the Legion of the Dead God in his youth. He suffered through all this pain yet he somehow manages to keep it all under control.

He’s easy on the eyes and a well spoken character who went through a lot during his lifetime. Imagine the possibilities of an Anti-Mage Arcana?!


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