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OfflineTV’s beloved resident artist Lily “LilyPichu” Ki is a popular Twitch streamer, musician, and even dazzles fans with cosplay.

The multitalented OTV personality occasionally dresses up as our favorite anime and video game characters. Once, out of nowhere, she surprised the Genshin community by posting a photo of herself in a Yun Jin cosplay.

We’re in love with Genshin Impact voice actor LilyPichu’s adorable Yun Jin cosplay

Yun Jin wallpaper from Genshin Impact
Credit: HoYoverse

The cosplay shows the Geo character’s dark purple dress paired with her pink cape and colorful headwear. The only thing missing from her cosplay is Yun Jin’s Deathmatch polearm weapon, and flags from the Genshin Impact character’s Flying Cloud Flag Formation elemental burst.

Lily intentionally covered her face while taking the cosplay photo, which might suggest that she’s still working on the character’s make-up and that this is a cosplay trial for now.

The full cosplay photo can be viewed on LilyPichu’s alt Twitter account, @LilyPi2.

Lily is the Genshin Impact voice actor behind Sayu, Inazuma’s sleepyhead ninja and a 4-star Anemo character with an appearance that resembles Bake-Danukis in the game. She auditioned for the part through her company, Atlas, and landed the role with her iconic high-pitched female voice.

Yun Jin cosplay by LilyPichu, a Genshin Impact voice actor
Credit: Lily Ki

Coming full circle, the Genshin voice actor has also previously cosplayed Sayu.

LilyPichu voice acting

Aside from Genshin Impact, Lily has also appeared as a voice actor for other games and series.

Cookie Run: KingdomOnion Cookie
Don’t Toy with Me, Miss NagatoroYoshi
Genshin ImpactSayu

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