Whenever a Japanese anime series or film becomes viral or gets overwhelmingly positive reviews, Hollywood tends to take notice.

Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, and Cowboy Bebop are just some of the titles that were recently adapted by Hollywood.

This year, several anime shows and movies are slated to make their debut in the American motion-picture industry. Fans are looking forward to the premiere of Netflix’s One Piece live-action adaptation the most as seen from survey results.

Netflix’s One Piece live-action tops survey as the most anticipated Hollywood adaptation

A side by side comparison of Nami in the anime and live action series. Emily Rudd will play as Nami in the Netflix adaptation.
Credit: Toei Animation, Emily Rudd

The anime world is hyped to watch the One Piece live-action on Netflix. The adaptation took the top spot in a survey conducted by manga publishing company Futabasha Publishers among fans in Japan.

Participants voted for the One Piece live-action as the most awaited adaptation from Hollywood. An anime that’s well-loved with a highly recognizable plot, creator Eiichiro Oda promised fans that it will be faithful to the franchise.

What’s more, Netflix’s production budget which is reportedly off the charts. The live action is expected to “set a new record for the highest production cost in television drama history” according to Tomorrow Studios producer Marty Adelstein.

The adaptation of Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name took second spot. Survey participants are excited to see the phenomenal anime movie from Hollywood’s perspective.

Here is the full list of the most anticipated Hollywood adaptations:

  1. One Piece live-action — 18%
  2. Your Name — 16.3%
  3. Gundam — 11%
  4. Attack on Titan — 10.3%
  5. Ghost Files (Yu Yu Hakusho) — 9.7%
  6. The Promised Neverland — 7.7%
  7. One Punch Man — 6.3%
  8. Saint Seiya — 6.0%
  9. My Hero Academia — 5.3%
  10. Megaman — 4.3%

The live-action series for One Piece, Gundam, and Ghost Files (Yu Yu Hakusho) are co-produced by Netflix.

Fans can view the survey results on Futabanet.

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