Love is in the air! We celebrated Valentine’s Day one month ago and White Day yesterday. Some of us exchanged chocolates with our partners, while others spent time with their in-game waifus and husbandos.

One fan artist took our fantasies a step further, reimagining our favorite Riot Games agents in a Valorant dating sim called “Agents of Romance”.

The dating sim features Sage, Sova, and Chamber, and artist Toothpaste Gal explained on Twitter that she decided to draw them in a dating sim environment because she “really wanted to see what it could look like”. As it turns out, it was an exceedingly fertile endeavor.

Fan artist Toothpaste Gal creates appetizing Valorant dating sim art

Valorant dating sim 'Agents of Romance' by fan artist Toothpaste Gal featuring Sage
Credit: Toothpaste Gal

A huge fan of Sage, the artist placed her in an upscale restaurant set against an urban backdrop that appears to overlook the Huangpu River in Shanghai, China.

Ditching her Mulan-esque armor for a low V-cut black dress and white gloves, Sage is apparently self-conscious of her exposed new look and is blushing shyly.

But what really takes the cake in this Valorant dating sim exchange is Toothpaste Gal’s classy username choice: xxSovamain69xx.

It’s a neat throwback to in-game names in the 1990s, paying homage to Sova players who understand profoundly that positioning is everything.

Valorant dating sim 'Agents of Romance' by fan artist Toothpaste Gal featuring Sova
Credit: Toothpaste Gal

The agent with the biggest transformation in this Valorant dating sim art series is Sova. The Russian hunter’s usual outfit clads him in full body armor, padded gear, and a blue cape to boot, but what happens when all those protective layers melt away?

Placing players in an intimate setting, the artist gives us a frontal view of Sova, who appears to have stepped out of the shower with nothing but a face towel. His sculpted muscles are as much hard as they are scarred, which makes our mind wander… what would it be like to experience this Hunter’s Fury?

The insatiable urge to find out is just a few clicks away, and Sova always initiates. “Care to share a drink with me, miss?” he asks.

To which you answer “I would love to!”, because any other response would be blasphemy.

Valorant dating sim 'Agents of Romance' by fan artist Toothpaste Gal featuring Chamber
Credit: Toothpaste Gal

The good thing about this Valorant dating sim that Toothpaste Gal depicts, or any dating sim for that matter, is that you always get more than one choice.

If droning in hard and fast is not your cup of tea, you can always rendezvous with Chamber, who prefers to play a much slower game… until he summons his Tour De Force, of course.

Or, you know, ditch him for Brimstone. The choice is yours, for now, as they’ll only exist in your head until you convince Riot Games to drop Valorant mobile for a Valorant dating sim, which is what should really be their next new game title.

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