Fans are excited to finally be able to play Neon, the sixth duelist agent joining the roster during the release of Valorant Episode 4 Act 1.

Valorant will have a total of 18 playable characters, which means that players will have to think about how to rebalance their agent compositions, especially when it comes to picking the right duelist.

After seeing what the Filipino agent can do in Riot Games’ early access PBE (public beta environment), it is clear that Neon and Jett share the same aggressive playstyle that teams can benefit from.

As such, we’ve decided to do a comparison between Neon’s and Jett’s agent abilities to help you figure out which duelist agent will best fit your playstyle.

Neon and Jett Valorant agent ability comparison 

Both duelist agents are absolute speed demons, but the glaring difference between them is that Jett can attack her opponents vertically, while Neon is all about moving fast on the ground.

These two different approaches can lead to plenty of kills if used correctly.

High Gear versus Tailwind

Jett’s Tailwind dash ability is clearly the better of the two because she can use it while standing still. She can also use it to dash in four different directions (forward, backward, left, and right.)

This is why Jett is still the best choice to wield an Operator. She can get away with holding risky positions on the map since she can dash out of them.

Neon’s High Gear combat slide is really only good for closing the distance against opponents. It can also be used to dodge enemy abilities or gunfire and get to cover, but it isn’t as effective as Tailwind.

Fast Lane versus Cloud Burst

Fast Lane is a great entry ability for the team compared to Cloud Burst. Neon’s wall is the ideal entry ability since it will cover a large portion of the site and isolate defenders in the area.

Jett’s smokes are more versatile, since she can use them to create one-ways or cast it on herself as a defensive tool, but since it has a short duration, it doesn’t have the same impact as a team ability.

Relay Bolt versus Updraft

The Relay Bolt stun is another excellent entry tool that will allow Neon to shine as a duelist. It can be used to clear corners and even stun certain defensive locations with precise lineups.

Updraft is more of a defensive ability that allows Jett to hold high ground positions that could catch opponents by surprise. Jett’s vertical dash works best with her Blade Storm ultimate.

Overdrive versus Blade Storm

Both ultimates are similar in that they give Neon and Jett a weapon that could dominate the round.

The difference between the two is that Jett can attack from the air with her knives, while Neon sprints around the map, zapping her foes.

Jett’s Blade Storm ultimate requires more precision since she only has five knives to throw before they’re spent, but it will last throughout the round.

In comparison to Neon’s Overdrive, the ultimate has more room for error since it has a charge of 40, so she can spray her ultimate. It will last for 20 seconds and extends each time she gets a kill. This forces her to go on the attack. 

The Overdrive versus Blade Storm comparison is similar to the Vandal versus Phantom debate. For players who rely more on spraying and tracking their opponents, Neon’s Overdrive is the best fit. For those who are confident in their one-taps and jump shots, Jett’s Blade Storm is the way to go.

Neon is the duelist agent that everyone can play

Neon using her High Gear and combat slide
Credit: Riot Games

Neon’s agent kit is straightforward because each ability has a specific purpose. She shines when these abilities are put together when trying to take a site.

This makes her a valuable asset to the team. Just make sure to use the information gathered by the team to unlock her full potential, and get the upper hand in each fight.

Jett will still have her place in the meta because of her versatile kit that allows her to snowball games. Her abilities are more geared towards herself as an individual agent, which is why she will still be a top fragger in Valorant even after Neon is released.

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