Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is part of a new breed of esports superstars. The 21-year-old has launched his very own apparel line, available only until September 19.

The limited edition drop was first teased on August 23, when TenZ cryptically announced something called Project T, alongside illustrations for what looked like a manga. Data miners also soon discovered that the webcomic also doubled as a countdown timer for the upcoming apparel drop.

Project T is now available online with a selection that includes a custom tie-dye hoodie, a hat, and screen-printed and embroidered graphic tees, joggers, sweaters, and shorts.

TenZ launches his first apparel line with Warren James

TenZ worked on Project T in collaboration with Prodigy Agency, a leading esports management and marketing agency, as well as brand development firm Warren James.

The 11-page manga, illustrated by Levi Tonin, was described as a “worldbuilding” effort to give fans a sense of the brand and what they could expect from it.

The Project T collection

  • Tie-dye hoodie
  • Off-white logo tee
  • Off-white logo joggers
  • Off-white logo shorts
  • Off-while signature crewneck
  • Off-white signature hoodie
  • Black logo joggers
  • Black logo crewneck
  • Black logo shorts
  • Black logo tee
  • Black signature crewneck
  • Black signature dad hat
  • Black signature hoodie

The tie-dye hoodie features a red and black color scheme, reminiscent of Sentinels’ team colors. Each tie-dye piece is also hand-treated, so every hoodie will look different.

The apparel line’s launch also debuted TenZ’s new logo, which features the stylized letters T and Z, in addition to Japanese Katakana text that translates to “Te-n-zu.”

“I’ve been thinking about having my own merch for a long time now, and I couldn’t be happier with the collection we are launching with Warren James,” said TenZ. “We spent a lot of time making sure it really fits my personality and tastes, and I hope the fans will love it as much as I do!”

Project T marks TenZ’s second limited edition launch for his fanbase. The Sentinels star partnered with gaming peripherals maker Finalmouse to launch a custom version of the Starlight-12 wireless gaming mouse, selling out in a matter of hours.

TenZ’s apparel is now available to buy here. All items are on pre-order and are expected to ship the week of October 31.

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