As Abyss makes its way to Valorant servers, players are in for a treat with the map’s vertical terrain and multi-level design. 

This map offers countless opportunities for some of the best duelists on Abyss to take advantage of the numerous angles and choke points to take down their enemies.

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Duelists are mainly known to be the front liners of a team. They have to be fearless and confident in engaging with enemies. At the same time, they’re expected to be self-sufficient, always on guard, and ready to make the first move.

On a map like Abyss, duelists must be more aware of their surroundings and use the terrain to their advantage to lead their team to victory.

Taking that in mind, here are some of the best duelists on Abyss who can dominate the field.

Conquer the high grounds with these best duelists on Abyss


Valorant Reyna
Credit: Riot Games

Reyna has become a more powerful duelist to use in-game. 

Combined with a player’s raw skill, she is deemed to be a formidable agent on the battlefield. From flanking opponents to facing group assaults, Reyna is self-sufficient as an agent.

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Reyna’s Leer can be cast from safe distances due to the numerous corners and angles in Abyss. This ability blinds enemies in its line of sight, enabling Reyna and her teammates to take down enemies from various locations, whether on high ground or below.

Similarly, with her Devour ability, while healing time and the amount are decreased, her armor overheal doesn’t decay anymore.

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Furthermore, she can make quick escapes around Abyss with her Dismiss ability, whether hiding behind structures or going down platforms. 

Now that Reyna’s ultimate lasts the whole round, the frag-hungry duelist can hard carry her team with unlimited use of her Dismiss and auto-heal ability after getting kills.


Valorant visual key art of Phoenix by Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games

Next is Phoenix, who shines brightest during enemy confrontations.

With his Curveball Flash, Phoenix can temporarily blind enemies. But be careful as you may accidentally blind your teammates on risky areas on Abyss such as ledges on B Danger and Mid Catwalk.

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If you aim to be more supportive as a duelist, perhaps you can use Phoenix’s Blaze, a flame wall that not only heals Phoenix but also blocks and damages enemies upon contact. This ability covers some good ground when entering the site or defending it from the opposing team. 

Then, for the Hot Hands ability, you can throw it at choke points, such as on A Tower or B Nest, to trap enemies during heated battles.

The Run It Back ultimate saves you in a pinch as it allows Phoenix to maintain the health and armor he had when he first activated this ultimate.


Valorant Jett
Credit: Riot Games

Another ideal pick for Abyss, Jett’s abilities allow players to navigate the leveled platforms across the map easily.

Jett’s iconic Updraft ability propels her into the air, making it much easier to cover high-up distances. She also has the Drift passive ability that allows her to glide across places like A tower to the site.

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Additionally, to help the team get some cover, Jett can throw her Cloudburst projectile to create some quick smokes. These are helpful for both attacking and defending in places like A Security and B Main. 

Then for her Blade Storm, Jett can quickly take down enemies with her kit of knives. Paired with the Updraft, this strategy is useful for places such as Mid top and A main.


Raze in Valorant
Credit: Riot Games

A top choice for Abyss, Raze’s abilities allow her to play around the map and throw opponents off-guard. 

Several areas across the Abyss allow players to fall to their deaths, so Raze’s Blast Packs can save you from sticky situations. The Boom Bot can also help players check guarded turns and areas, which helps in clearing out sites.

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Additionally, Raze’s Paint Shells can cover a decent amount of distance, damaging enemies with succeeding explosions in every throw. This is effective on narrow areas such as A Vent and Mid Bend. 

For her Showstopper, players can maximize clutch rounds once she has her ultimate ready. She can deal major damage once players master using her Blast Pack alongside the Showstopper.


Valorant Neon
Credit: Riot Games

Finally, Neon is also a formidable agent in Abyss, as she can speed through and take cover with the map’s turns and twists.

Most people would think that Neon would be at a disadvantage on tight-knit maps like Abyss but she can use her High Gear speed boost during enemy assaults. Combine that with the Relay Bolt, she can stun enemies within corners, effectively trapping them.

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During attacking rounds, she can also throw her Fast Lane electric wall which blocks the enemies’ line of sight. This is especially helpful when entering the site from A Main or B Main. 

Upon using her Overdrive ultimate, Neon can rush at enemies, zapping them down with her deadly streaks of electricity.

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