Brace yourselves for a seismic shift in gameplay with the Abyss map. Valorant’s 11th map shakes up the first-person shooter’s tactical landscape.

This groundbreaking Valorant new map plunges you into a hidden subterranean world. Forget what you know about traditional strategies –- Abyss throws a curveball with its multiple stage levels, forcing you to master movement and map awareness like never before.

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But fear not, since Abyss also rewards calculated risks. The new “jump shortcuts” on Abyss offer players a new way to flank opponents.

Be careful though, for these jumps could lead to your demise if not executed correctly.

Buckle up, agents – the depths of Abyss promise a thrilling new frontier in Valorant.

The Valorant new map Abyss introduces jump and drop mechanics

Valorant's 10th map Abyss overhead shot from Riot Games' official press release
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Abyss throws traditional strategies out the window and embraces a new kind of tactical combat. It boasts several unique features that redefine how players approach the battlefield.

Maintaining the core objective of planting the Spike, Abyss offers two designated areas for attackers to focus on.

However, Joey Simas, Lead Map Designer at Riot Games, emphasizes that achieving victory will require a shift in mindset.

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The lack of boundaries and the presence of death drops forces players to move better to maximize the use of their agent abilities.

While Abyss presents a familiar three-lane structure for attackers and defenders to strategize, be aware of its apparent simplicity.

The death drop mechanic adds a layer of complexity that demands meticulous map awareness and precise movement.

Valorant Abyss map with all new death drop and jump shortcut features
Credit: Riot Games

This focus on navigating the map safely while maintaining strategic control over key areas creates a unique dynamic on Abyss. One misstep could send you plummeting into the abyss, raising the stakes for every move you make.

This emphasizes the importance of map awareness and opens up strategic possibilities.

“Imagine a Raze satchel propelling an enemy off the map or Omen utilizing his Shadow Step to navigate around structures in unexpected ways,” said Simas. “This clippable play mentality injects a thrilling layer of danger and creativity into the gameplay.”

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The map features cleverly concealed jump shortcuts that allow agile agents to flank opponents and disrupt their formations.

Additionally, branching mid paths provide more strategic options for both teams, creating a dynamic and unpredictable mid-game experience.

Abyss map features

Chamber in the Valorant Champions 2022 trailer from Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports
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  • Two spike sites
  • Three lane layout
  • The first “death drop” mechanic in Valorant (no map boundaries)
  • Jump shortcuts
  • Branching mid paths

The Valorant Abyss map’s release date is on June 11, 2024.

You can watch the map trailer below.

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