Buckle up for the Abyss map release date. This isn’t just any new map – it’s a new stage players must master to climb the ranks.

Abyss throws a curveball with its hidden subterranean world and multi-level design.

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Players must hone their movement and map awareness to stay in the fight.

But the risks come with rewards, as the new jump shortcut map feature offers a chance to outmaneuver your opponents.

What is the Valorant Abyss map?

Valorant's 10th map Abyss overhead shot from Riot Games' official press release
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Valorant’s 11th map, Abyss, breaks the mold with its unique features.

Abyss retains a familiar three-lane structure but introduces branching mid paths that offer strategic flexibility.

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The map has no boundaries, which means players could step off certain areas and die instantly. Scattered throughout the map are jump shortcuts, allowing for quicker rotations and potential flanks.

The core objective remains the same: planting or defusing the spike on two designated sites. However, the level design promises a new approach to securing these zones.

Valorant Abyss map release date

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The Valorant Abyss map release date is on June 11, 2024.

You can watch the official map trailer below.

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