Novaria possesses a distinctive skill set that empowers her to be a versatile mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Her passive ability, Star Trail, not only slows down opponents with her active spells but also provides her with vision of them.

She can deal significant damage over time using Astral Meteor, while Astral Recall allows her to launch devastating long-range blasts.

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Furthermore, her ultimate, Astral Echo, is a massive area-of-effect spell that enlarges the hitbox of enemies while also revealing their surrounding area.

These abilities make her adept at either unleashing lethal damage as a mid laner, or providing a valuable utility as a roamer.

However, when equipped with the right items, Novaria excels in both roles with remarkable effectiveness.

Core items for Novaria in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Enchanted Talisman

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang magic item Enchanted Talisman, with mage hero Novaria as background
Credit: ONE Esports

As Novaria, you’ll find yourself expending a considerable amount of mana while using Astral Meteor and Astral Recall to clear minion waves and scout for enemies in bushes. This is where the Enchanted Talisman becomes an essential addition.

The book-like equipment comes with a unique passive, Mana Spring, which periodically replenishes a substantial percentage of your max mana. Additionally, its secondary passive, Magic Mastery, raises the maximum cooldown reduction limit.

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With these effects, you can cast your skills repeatedly without worrying about mana depletion, eliminating the need for frequent returns to base.

Moreover, Enchanted Talisman grants notable boosts to magic power, cooldown reduction, and health points, which enhances your survivability against agile assassins in the early game.

It is highly recommended to prioritize purchasing this item before upgrading your Boots to Magic Shoes.

Ice Queen Wand

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang magic item Ice Queen Wand, with mage hero Novaria as background
Credit: ONE Esports

Another magic item that you should not overlook when playing Novaria is Ice Queen Wand.

Its unique passive, Ice Bound, enables your damage spells to inflict a slow effect on enemies for a few seconds. Furthermore, the slow debuff stacks, and with Astral Meteor in your arsenal, you can easily maximize its potential.

This remarkably amplifies your AoE slowing capabilities, making it difficult for the enemies to maneuver in team fights.

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What’s more, this item offers substantial magic power to strengthen your damage output, as well as spell vamp, HP, and movement speed to improve your survivability.

For optimal item progression, make sure to buy Ice Queen Wand after acquiring Enchanted Talisman and Magic Shoes.

Divine Glaive

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang magic item Divine Glaive, with mage hero Novaria as background
Credit: ONE Esports

To solidify your build and maintain substantial damage output in the late game, it is wise to invest in Divine Glaive.

This item provides you with a huge boost in magic penetration, enabling you to effectively break through the opponents’ magic defense.

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Furthermore, its Spellbreaker passive gives extra magic penetration for each point of the enemy’s magic defense. This means that you gain more magic penetration if your target is heavily equipped with magic defense items.

As a result, your skills, especially Astral Recall, remain deadly in the latter stages of the game when the opponents have built up their magic resistance.

Divine Glaive also packs an enormous amount of magic power, further elevating your damage potential.

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