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Saber, the Wandering Sword, is an assassin hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that possesses one of the deadliest combos in the game.

With his explosive damage, he can take down squishy heroes in the blink of an eye.

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While he is relatively easy to learn, mastering him still takes a decent amount of practice and strategy.

To help you learn how to play Saber effectively, here’s an in-depth ONE Esports guide covering skill tips, ideal battle spell and emblem, best build, and combos.

Saber’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Enemy’s Bane

Saber’s attacks reduce enemies’ physical defense for several seconds on hit.

  • Physical defense reduction stacks upon hit, and can reach up to five stacks.
  • Defense reduction does not work on minions, but applies on creeps.
  • Skills can also trigger the passive. Spam his first skill, Orbiting Swords, to easily reach max stacks.

First skill – Orbiting Swords

Saber releases five swords that orbit around him and deal physical damage to nearby enemies on hit. The swords will retract back to him after a while.

When the swords are present, he sends a sword toward his target on each attack, dealing extra physical damage to the target and half of the damage to other enemies it passes through (damage against minions is reduced).

Each attack also reduces the cooldown of Charge (second skill) by a second.

  • Orbiting Swords deal more damage when used with basic attacks.
  • As this is his primary damage and farming tool, max out this skill first.
  • You can cast Orbiting Swords during dashes and in motion using the joystick.
  • This skill damages invisible enemies, but does not reveal them.
  • When you’re playing as a jungler and taking the orange buff, poke the nearby creep with this so you can farm much faster.
  • When attacking a turret, Saber will still shoot a sword toward it and reduce Charge’s cooldown, but will not deal extra damage.
  • The swords will continue to orbit and return to Saber even after he is killed.

Second skill – Charge

Saber dashes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies along the way while enhancing his next basic attack. The enhanced basic attack deals physical damage and slows the target for a second.

  • Charge is his mobility spell. You can use it to initiate your combo, or escape from sticky situations.
  • You can dash through walls using this.
  • If you’re a jungler, don’t hesitate to use this to enhance your basic attacks when farming creeps.

Ultimate – Triple Sweep

Saber charges at the target enemy hero, knocking them airborne and striking them three times over the duration.

The first two strikes deal the same amount of physical damage, while the third strike deals bigger damage.

  • Triple Sweep allows you to dash for a distance shorter than Charge. Nonetheless, it still allows you to close the gap against your target.
  • This consumes Orbiting Swords with each strike, dealing massive damage. So, make sure to cast Orbiting Swords first before triggering the ultimate.
  • To make sure you hit your intended target, turn on Hero Lock Mode.
  • Even if its airborne effect gets removed by Purify or hero skills with the same effect (Miya‘s Hidden Moonlight, Wanwan‘s Needles in Flowers), Triple Sweep will still deal damage.
  • However, If you are killed during the skill’s duration, your target will stay airborne, but no further damage will be dealt.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Saber in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends Saber guide-Retribution and Execute battle spells
Credit: ONE Esports

If you’re playing as a jungler, Retribution is an excellent choice. This allows you to quickly clear creeps and secure the Turtle or Lord, which can give you a significant advantage in the game.

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On the other hand, if you’re playing as a laner or roamer, select Execute. This enables you to finish off your target if they manage to survive your combo.

Recommended emblem

Recommended emblem set for Saber in Mobile Legends
Credit: ONE Esports

Choose the Assassin emblem to maximize your potential of taking down a hero with your combo. This emblem strongly boosts your adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed.

Take Rupture in the first tier to gain extra adaptive penetration, and Weapons Master in the second tier to obtain additional physical attack from equipment, emblem, and skills.

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In the last tier, select Lethal Ignition, which enables you to inflict adaptive damage when you deal damage greater than seven percent of your target’s HP three times within five seconds.

Saber best build

Mobile Legends Saber guide-pro item builds
Credit: ONE Esports

Maximum damage is the name of the game when playing Saber.

After getting your Boots, purchase Hunter Strike or War Axe, Blade of the Heptaseas, and Malefic Roar for physical penetration.

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Buy Blade of Despair for massive physical attack and extra movement speed. You can complete your build with Endless Battle, Sea Halberd, or Rose Gold Meteor, depending on the situation.

If you need to improve your survivability especially in the late game, purchase Immortality or an appropriate defensive item.

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The best build for Saber in Mobile Legends

  • Warrior Boots (Ice Retribution if you’re a jungler) (Dire Hit blessing if you’re a roamer)
  • Hunter Strike
  • Blade of the Heptaseas
  • Malefic Roar
  • Blade of Despair
  • Endless Battle

Easy skill combos to learn

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In the early game, whether you’re playing as a jungler or laner, use Orbiting Swords followed by Charge to strengthen your basic attacks.

To start Saber’s deadly combo when you reach level four, cast Orbiting Swords first, then close in on your target using Charge. Unleash Triple Sweep to eliminate the enemy.

If you have Execute as your battle spell, use it to secure the kill if your opponent survives the combo.

Remember to use the Hero Lock Mode or Closest Target option in the Targeting Priority settings to ensure you hit the skills on your intended target.

Another strategy to consider is hiding in the bush and launching a surprise attack against your opponents.

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