Updated on August 30, 2022, 5 p.m. (GMT+8): Updated the roster list based on MDL signings.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 10 (MPL ID Season 10) is the most important season of the year.

The grand finalists will automatically secure a slot at the M4 World Championship in January, the most prestigious annual MLBB tournament.

Teams such as ONIC Esports and EVOS Legends will also be fielding MPL PH imports for the first time in the league’s history. Other teams such as defending champion RRQ Hoshi and Aura Fire will compete this season with little to no roster change.

To keep fans in the loop with the latest roster changes this season, here is the full roster list of all eight teams competing at MPL ID Season 10.

Full roster of every team competing at MPL ID Season 10

RRQ Hoshi

MPL ID Season 10 roster, RRQ Hoshi
Credit: RRQ Hoshi

With their championship performance at MPL ID Season 9, the four-time champion have retained its roster for the upcoming season.

Star players such as Albert Neilsen “Alberttt” Iskandar and Rivaldi “R7” Fatah still headline the starting five, along with longtime members Muhammad “Lemon” Ikhsan and Teguh Imam “Psychoo” Firdaus.

Rivaldi “R7” FatahEXP laner
Deden Muhammad “Clayyy” NurhasanMidlaner
Albert Neilsen “Alberttt” IskandarJungler
Calvin “Vynnn”Roamer
Muhammad “Lemon” IkhsanMultirole
Schevenko David “Skylarr” TendeanGold laner

ONIC Esports

MPL ID Season 10 roster, ONIC Esports
Credit: ONIC Esports

ONIC Esports made history in the offseason after signing former ONIC PH jungler Kairi “Kairi” Ygnacio Rayosdelsol and head coach Denver “Yeb” Miranda, the first MPL PH player and coach to sign to an Indonesian team, respectively.

Muhammad Satrya “Butss” SanubariEXP laner
Calvin “CW” WinataGold laner
Thomas “SamoHt” ObadjaMidlaner
Kairi “Kairi” Ygnacio RayosdelsolJungler
Gilang “SANZ”Jungler
Adriand “Drian” Larsen WongMidlaner
Nicky “Kiboy” FernandoRoamer

EVOS Legends

MPL ID Season 10 EVOS Legends roster
Credit: EVOS Esports

Out of all the teams this season, EVOS Legends had the biggest roster shuffle in the offseason. Veterans Maxhill “Antimage” Leonardo, Muhammad “Wannn” Ridwan, Ihsan Besari “Luminaire” Kusudana, and Gustian “REKT” have left.

The organization announced that it had acquired former ONIC PH EXP laner Gerald “Dlar” Trinchera. He will be joining the young guns Ferdyansyah “Ferxiic” Kamaruddin, Muhammad Nur “Cr1te” Efandy, and Raihan Delvino “Bajan” Ardy.

Hafizhan “Clover” HidayatullahGold laner
Arthur “Sutsujin” SunarkhoJungler
Darren “Tazz”Jungler
Muhammad “Cr1te” Nur EffandyMidlaner
Sebastian “Pendragon” ArthurEXP laner
Rachmad “DreamS” WahyudiRoamer
Vincentsius “VaanStrong” Ivan AdriantoRoamer
Gerald “Dlar” TrincheraEXP laner

Aura Fire

MPL ID Season Aura Fire roster
Credit: Aura Fire

Despite not winning any titles yet in the league, Aura Fire is considered by fans and analysts to be one of the most exciting teams to watch because of Erico “God1va” and Jehuda Jordan “High” Sumual‘s off-meta picks. This season, the team is still putting chemistry above everything else after they kept last season’s starting five.

MDL standout Raihan “Caid” Said will also join the squad, along with Andru “Druu” Ranggadika who last played for Aura Fire at MPL ID Season 7.

Jehuda Jordan “High” SumualJungler
Raihan “Caid” SaidGold lane
Erico “God1va”Roamer
Usep “Facehugger” SatiawanMidlaner
Regi “Fluffy” MarviolaEXP laner
Leonardo Prasetyo “Kabuki” AgungGold laner
Andru “Druu” RanggadikaRoamer

Geek Fam

MPL ID Season 10 Geek Fam roster
Screenshot by Verdi Hendrawan/ONE Esports Indonesia

After failing to qualify for the playoffs once again, Geek Fam went back to the drawing board and reshuffled its roster in the offseason, leaving only Muhammad Raihan “Hanz” Alim and Advent “Rupture” Valma in the offseason.

The team has also announced that former ONIC PH star Allen “Baloyskie” Baloy had joined the team.

Jaymark “Janaaqt” Lazaro aJungler
Advent “Rupture” Valma aRoamer
Luke “Luke” aEXP laner
Lzuraa aMidlaner
Allen “Baloyskie” Baloy aMidlaner
Caderaa aGold laner
RenesmeeGold laner

Rebellion Zion

MPL ID Season 10 Rebellion Zion roster
Credit: Rebellion Zion

Rebellion Zion failed to reach the playoffs last season. Still, the team decided to keep most of its players and add young talents Bernard “Widjanarko” Widjanarko and Haiz.

With the absence of Alvi “B1RUL” Birrul, Jihadi “JiiSaa” Fathan has been moved from the jungler position to the gold lane.

Rendy “Dyrennn” SyahputraEXP laner
Thomas “VALL” GalileoRoamer
Jihadi “JiiSaa” FathanGold laner
Moch Dicky “Fearless” SetiawanJungler
David “Swaylow” SihalohoMidlaner
Bernard “Widjanarko” WidjanarkoRoamer
HaizzGold laner

Alter Ego

MPL ID Season 10 roster, Alter Ego
Credit: Alter Ego

Alter Ego‘s most successful season was in Season 6, where they finished second after losing to RRQ Hoshi 2-3 in the grand final.

In an interview with ONE Esports Indonesia, Rafly Alvareza “Pai” Sudrajat said that the team was intent on bringing back its entire Season 6 roster for this season, which they have.

The team also added Alter Ego X player Rizal “KidsZ”, who will sub for Eldin Rahadian “Celiboy” Putra in the jungle position.

Muhammad Julian “Udil” ArdiansyahMidlaner
Eldin Rahadian “Celiboy” PutraJungler
Syauki “Nino” Fauzan SGold laner
Rafly Alvareza “Pai” SudrajatEXP laner
Julian “LeoMurphy” MurphyRoamer
Ahmad “Ahmad” AbdurrahmanGold laner
Rizal “KidsZ”Jungler
Devara Reynanda “DevKoch” PutraRoamer

Bigetron Alpha

MPL ID Season 10 Bigetron Alpha roster
Credit: Bigetron Alpha

Former EVOS Legends’ Gilang Dwi “Falah” Falah will replace Deven “Renbo” Markos after it was confirmed that the latter was not part of the active roster this season. Bigetron Alpha have also acquired former ONIC PH gold laner Mark Christian “Markyyyy” Capacio.

The team will also be competing without the leadership of veteran coach Steven “Ageee” Andreas Gunawan, who transferred to EVOS Legends during the offseason.

Hengky “kyy” GunawanRoamer
Mark Christian “Markyyyy” CapacioGold laner
Maxwell “Maxxx” AlessandroJungler
Gilang Dwi “Falah” FalahMidlaner
Gusti Made Indra “Xorizo” DwipayanaEXP laner
Marcel “Moreno0”Gold laner

MPL ID Season 10 starts on August 12. Follow ONE Esports on Facebook for more Mobile Legends: Bang Bang news, updates, and guides.

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