After EVOS Legends’ Gustian “REKT” praised Blacklist International’s playstyle last Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League PH Season 7 (MPL PH S7), now it’s Blacklist International’s turn to share some love.

A few Blacklist International players revealed that they admired EVOS’ returning player and MLBB icon Muhammad “Wannn” Ridwan’s performance in Nimo TV Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Arena (NMA Season 3).

It was Blacklist International’s first time competing against the revamped EVOS Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL ID S8 roster, EVOS Legends

Wannn is one of the most notable names in the EVOS Legends franchise. He was able to help the squad secure a handful of MLBB’s biggest titles, including the M1 World Championship.

However, he took a break last season due to personal reasons. Now, he is back and is now ready to defend the throne in the upcoming MPL ID S8. NMA Season 3 was Wannn’s inaugural tournament since he took a break last season.

Wannn made a historic return for EVOS Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 8 (MPL ID S8) EVOS Legends player, Wannn
Credit: MPL Indonesia

During both team’s upper bracket match, Wannn showed that he can still perform at a maximum level. EVOS Legends sent the MPL ID S7 champions in the lower bracket, where they got eliminated by Indonesia’s Alter Ego.

After the match, Blacklist International players Kiel “OHEB” Soriano, Daenerie “Wise.” Del Rosario, and Salic “Hadji” Imam, showed their appreciation to the Indonesian MLBB icon.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang professional team Blacklist International's Instagram story about Wannn
Credit: Wannn’s Instagram page

All three players praised and tagged Wannn on Instagram, and sharing pictures of them together in one in-game Mobile Legends frame during the second NMA Season 3 match.

EVOS Legends went on to win the tournament after sweeping Alter Ego in the grand final, 3-0.

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