Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 8 (MPL ID Season 8) is shaping up to be a very exciting season because of the emergence of the new tank jungle meta.

While many players are eager to try this out in rank after watching how successful it can be in competitive play, Aura Fire’s Jehuda Jordan “High” Sumual had one thing to say to those who want to experience it firsthand — don’t.

Aura Fire’s High executing the tank jungle meta in MPL ID Season 8

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Baxia
Credit: Moonton

Aura Fire became the center of attention in Week 5 of MPL ID Season 8 thanks to High’s stellar performance on Baxia and Uranus jungle against ONIC Esports.

His Baxia in particular surprised many in game one, where he dominated with a 5/5/20 KDA. They eventually won the series 2-1.

He tried to replicate the same tactic against EVOS Legends the following day but failed to secure the series.

However, his win against the ONIC Esports was enough to prove that the tank jungle meta is viable in the right hands.

High’s advice on those who want to try the tank jungle meta in Mobile Legends rank games

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 8 (MPL ID Season 8) Aura Fire's High
Credit: MPL ID

In an interview with the media, High shed light on how they succeeded with the seemingly uncommon strategy.

“We have practiced the strategy in scrims and I discussed it thoroughly with my fellow teammates,” he said.

Ultimately, he discourages players, especially solo players, to try it out in ranked as it can be difficult to manage in an uncoordinated team.

“Don’t follow it,” High said. “If it’s a random pick, I will feel sorry for your solo rank.”

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