Mastering Yu Zhong combos is essential if you want to tame this beast. He is one of the most well-rounded hero picks in the EXP lane in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This is mainly due to his incredibly balanced skill kit.

The combination of Dragon Tail and Soul Grip allows him to deal massive damage, and his passive, Cursing Touch, gives him ridiculous sustainability. But what makes him truly dangerous is when his abilities harmonize with his ultimate, the Black Dragon Form, which amps up the damage and sustain tremendously.

If you realize his true potential, it is essential that you understand the right execution of his skills to impact the game.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fighter hero Yu Zhong
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And once you understand how and when to carry out the Yu Zhong combos in this list, you can bet that you will be a force to be reckoned with.

Here’s how to execute the best Yu Zhong combos in Mobile Legends

Shock Attack: Skill 1 + Skill 3 + Skill 2 + Skill 4

Dragon Tail is Yu Zhong’s main damage ability. If used correctly, you could deal devastating amounts of damage to multiple heroes simultaneously.

The challenge lies in the fact that the AOE skill is challenging to land due to its short delay prior to activation.

One way to go around this is to synchronize it with his third skill, Furious Dive. To execute this Yu Zhong combo, activate his first skill, and right before he turns his cloak, point Furious Dive to where your targets are. Not only will you be able to land your damage ability, but you will also be able to take advantage of the crowd control effects brought by his third skill.

You can do this Yu Zhong combo either head-on or while faking a retreat to add an element of surprise. Continually swipe at your enemies with your basic attacks, and use Soul Grip and basic attacks to inflict more damage. Use this ability frequently during the laning stage to continually poke the enemy hero.

You will have a full bar of Sha Essence by the end of the sequence, with Sha Residue erupting on the enemy.

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CC All Day: Skill 3 + Petrify + Skill 1 + Skill 2

You can easily chain crowd-control enemy heroes with the proper timing and right placement of the Black Dragon’s Furious Dive plus battle spell, Petrify.

To do this, use bushes and wait patiently for enemies to be in proximity. Once near, activate the third skill and quickly tap on your battle spell. This Yu Zhong combo ensures that even the mobile heroes will not be able to get away so easily.

Follow up with Dragon Tail, Soul Grip, and basic attacks to finish.

Ideally, you would want the enemy’s playmakers or damage dealers to be on the receiving end of this devastating combo so you can tip the game into your team’s favor come objective takes.

Ultimate Dive: Skill 4 + Petrify + Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Basic Attacks + Skill 3

At the center of any successful Yu Zhong combo is how you use his his Black Dragon Form ultimate. When activated the right time, you can single-handedly disrupt enemy formations and alter the outcomes of team fights. He gets a mobility buff when he is in Black Dragon form, which gives him access to enemy backlines, forcing damage dealers to scramble.

To do this, you need to at least have an idea of where the squishy enemy heroes are before activating the ultimate. Move closer to your target and use your Petrify battle spell. Adjust your position accordingly, then activate Dragon Tail for maximum damage.

Follow up with Soul Grip and basic attacks. Continue swiping and land Furious Dive to enemies who will try to flee the battlefield to complete this Yu Zhong combo.

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