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Possessing incredible mobility and damage capability, Harith can be a handful to deal with in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. However, even the mighty Leonin can be tamed with the right heroes on your team.

His Chrono Dash and ultimate, Zaman Force allow him to repeatedly dodge attacks. Coupled with his passive Key Insight, which shortens crowd control duration, the mage is virtually untouchable.

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Even then, there are heroes whom the Time Traveler dares not cross paths with in the Land of Dawn. These heroes possess skill kits with incredible suppression abilities, capable of halting the mage in his tracks.

Here are three heroes who have the tools to counter Harith in MLBB


Khufra is a potent counter to Harith simply because he has the perfect combination of crowd control capabilities and tankiness. Readily, this can disrupt the mage’s ability to dash in and out of fights and deal damage.

Tyrant’s Revenge and Bouncing Ball combo is an excellent counter to Harith’s Chrono Dash, as it not only stops the Leonin’s movement ability but also crowd controls him, making him vulnerable.

When playing as Khufra, wait patiently in the bush and use Tyrant’s Revenge to initiate. Anticipate his Chrono Dash and prepare to use Bouncing Ball to stop him mid-dash. With a team that can quickly follow up on your controls, rest assured that the pesky mage will be no more.

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If chooses to dive into your back lines, try to catch the hero with Tyrant’s Revenge into a Tyrant’s Rage combo. Make sure to cast your ultimate, slamming him to the nearest wall for maximum crowd control.

Naturally, you will want to build magic defense items like Athena’s Shield and Radiant Armor. Other than that, build items that reduce your cooldowns.

For your battle spell, getting Flicker is advisable as it can not only help you stretch the distance of your first skill, but also enables you to hit the enemy with a sneaky Flicker-ultimate combo.

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If there’s one flaw in Harith’s skill kit, it’s that he is not immune to Suppression abilities. One such ability is Kaja’s Divine Judgement ultimate which can make the the mage’s life a miserable one.

By suppressing him, Kaja can disrupt his combo and negate all his damage potential. But this isn’t the sole reason why he is such a good counter to the Leonin.

His Ring of Order ability is great for poking and harassing Harith during the laning phase, which can force the mage to retreat and slow his item progression.

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On the other hand, Kaja’s Lightning Bomb is a great utility skill that he can use offensively to keep the enemy mage out of position, or defensively to evade attacks.

In subduing Harith, you need to correctly time your ultimate’s activation. It’s best to use it when the enemy least expects it. Make use of bushes to approach the enemy in the lane or in team fights, then drag him away from his team and towards yours.

To close the gap faster, use Flicker towards the target, then activate Divine Judgement. Use Lightning Bomb to dash towards your allies more quickly, then activate Ring of Order to slow him down if he attempts to escape.


The bane of all dash heroes, Minsitthar offers a unique package that can make Harith an easy target in the game.

His Spear of Glory and Shield Assault abilities makes him intimidating. What makes him standout as one of the best Harith counters in the Land of Dawn is his ultimate, King’s Calling.

Upon activation of this skill, Minsitthar calls his royal guards to form a restricted area. In this area, a captured Harith wont’ be able to use Chrono Dash. What’s more, each basic attack from Minsitthar and his allies will deal extra damage. Essentially, this ability renders the Leonin a sitting duck.

A good Harith user will likely anticipate this threat. You’ll have to sequence your abilities to successfully execute the pesky mage.

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Firstly, you need watch for Chrono Dash and try to predict his movement. Use Shield Assault to stun him if he’s close to you, or manually cast Spear of Glory to pull him in. If you’re successful landing either or both, this is the time when you can activate your ultimate.

Minsitthar works best in a team that can capitalize on his crowd control abilities. In the drafting phase, communicate with your teammates to pair him with a burst damage hero to effectively neutralize the mage.

For your build, prioritize items that increase your durability and cooldown reduction like Oracle and Thunder Belt. Get Flicker so that you can close the gap faster and for a sneaky Flicker plus ultimate combo.

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