Angela is one of the few utility support heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

She can attach herself to allies with her signature and ultimate ability, Heartguard, greatly boosting them in battle or helping them to escape death. Additionally, she can use her other skills while this is active.

She gains extra movement speed every time she casts a spell through her passive, Smart Heart, which also allows her to transfer her movement speed to the ally she’s attached to.

Love Waves heals teammates and damages enemies, while Puppet-on-a-String gradually slows and immobilizes a target.

Angela can be a menace, especially when paired with the right heroes. If you want to shut down this little android, look no further than this list of counters we’ve made.

Three effective counters to Angela in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends Natalia Midnight Raven skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Natalia specializes in slaying squishy enemies sitting at the backline. With her deadly combo, she can take down Angela even before she can use Heartguard.

Take advantage of the conceal state from Assassin Instinct, and move from bush to bush in finding her. Before unleashing your combo, utilize Hero Lock Mode to ensure that she’s your intended target.

Silence her with the enhanced basic attack from Assassin Instinct, then finish her off with another amplified attack from The Hunt. Retreat using Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb.

For maximum damage, buy Blade of the Heptaseas, Malefic Roar, and Blade of Despair.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Onimaru Saber
Credit: Moonton

Saber is another assassin hero who possesses a lethal combo that can instantly bring Angela down.

Hide in a bush to make a surprise attack. Cast Orbiting Swords first, close the gap with Charge, then slash her to death with Triple Sweep. Use Hero Lock Mode to make sure that you execute the combo on her.

Purchase Blade of the Heptaseas, Hunter Strike, Malefic Roar, Blade of Despair, and Endless Battle for damage and cooldown reduction.


Chou S.T.U.N. skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Same with Natalia and Saber, Chou is an expert in eliminating a single target with his combo.

Begin by casting the first two attacks of Jeet Kune Do. Close in using Shunpo then knock Angela airborne with the third hit of Jeet Kune Do. Use Shunpo again to dash behind her before kicking her with The Way of Dragon.

You can also use Flicker to instantly narrow the distance against her.

It’s much better if you’re playing in the EXP lane, as you can go for damage items. Otherwise, if you’re playing as tank Chou, you can still counter her by controlling the one with Heartguard.

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