EVOS SG Soul made a surprise appearance in the MPL SG playoffs last weekend. Even though he retired last season, Soul came back to compete with EVOS SG to sweep RSG SG 3-0 for the inaugural championship title

EVOS SG dropped one match in the regular season, and only one game in the MPL SG playoffs upper bracket.

Favorites to win the first ever MPL SG Season 1, they cruised their way past Kingsmen in the semifinals before powering through the final.

MPL Singapore Season 1 playoffs bracket graphic
Credit: PVP, Moonton

The former and returning captain of EVOS SG, Stefan “Soul” Chong Ru Chyi shares what it means to win MPL SG Season 1, and the extra help the team received during the playoffs.

EVOS SG Soul on winning the first-ever MPL SG title

From pro player to manager to standing in as a pro player again, Soul is proud that EVOS SG managed to bring back another MPL title.

“Definitely, we feel very happy to win the first ever MPL SG tournament,” said Soul.

At the same time, he was also quick to point out that this is the first time MPL Singapore and Malaysia are competing in independent leagues, which changes the playing field.

MLBB pro player EVOS SG Soul
Credit: ONE Esports, Moonton

“I would say its slightly easier because many of us aren’t fulltime [pro players], and the Malaysian teams are,” Soul revealed. “[For] most Malaysian teams, the strategies they’ve prepared are always very polished as compared to us.”

As Malaysian players are fulltime pro players, they literally “eat, sleep, play Mobile Legends” said Soul. “It’s really quite a relief to not to have to face the Malaysian teams. Their hero pool is a lot bigger also, since they have much time to train.”

EVOS SG received more help during the MPL SG Season 1 playoffs

EVOS SG not only brought back their former team captain and offlaner, but also former teammate Ong “Aeon” Wei Sheng, who strategizes their drafts.

On top of that, since MPL ID Season 7 had also concluded, the two-time championship-winning EVOS Legends coach Bjorn “Zeys” Ong also chipped in.

“Zeys and Aeon helped us analyze because we had to focus on our own gameplay, and it was quite stressful to handle multiple roles for me personally,” shared Soul.

“I was really glad they broke down how RSG played, the way they play, their comfort picks, and I think that might have made the difference, giving us a solid 3-0.”

As champions of MPL SG, EVOS SG will represent Singapore at MSC 2021, which begins on June 7.

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