The MPL Indonesia Season 7 Playoffs concluded with a thrilling grand final showdown between EVOS Legends and Bigetron Alpha.

Though EVOS was knocked down into the lower bracket by BTR, they came back with a vengeance in the final best-of-seven series, taking the MPL ID championship with a 4-2 scoreline.

In the first game, EVOS over-relied on their use of the Diggie feeder strategy. Despite pressuring their opponents throughout the whole game, it only took one deciding 30-minute clash for BTR to get the near-wipeout and destroy the base inhibitor.

EVOS Legends bounced back in game two, where they even managed to keep all their turrets until the end of the game.

Ferxiic and Antimage’s stellar performances on Ling and Hayabusa respectively became the winning factor for EVOS, dismantling BTR’s backline with ease and ending the second game with a kill 17-8 kill score.

Despite losing another game due to the wrath of Renbo’s Hayabusa, the White Tiger squad came into game four with an all-or-nothing attitude.

By the late game, Bigetron had EVOS locked inside their base without any inhibitor turrets left. However, EVOS turned things around with an unbelievable Alice play by Antimage.

As BTR was still trying trade hits around the middle of the map, Antimage flickered into the backline and deleted both Branz and Renbo with Blood Ode. Now ready to take over the game, the rest of EVOS hunted two more opponents down, leaving only Rippo’s Paquito alive as they tied everything up 2-2.

The maturity of EVOS Legends started to show in the final two games of the series. The team didn’t worry about performing flashy team fights and focused on tearing down their opponent’s base in the fastest way possible.

After a 12-minute game five win with a minimal 8-3 kill score, EVOS kept their momentum up with an even faster game six. Only taking kills when needed, the boys in blue rallied in the lanes and prioritized turret takedowns, gaining complete control of the map.

By the 11-minute mark, Clover’s Harith became the final dagger to the series with his clutch Zaman Force. With the rest of EVOS locking up BTR’s defensive efforts, the Harith player dashed through BTR’s attacks and burned through the final inhibitor for the championship win.

With the grand final victory, EVOS Legends grabs its second-ever MPL ID championship and will go on to qualify for the 2021 Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup alongside runner-ups Bigetron Alpha.

In addition to the massive win for the org, the EVOS squad also put an end to their Season 7 curse of never being able to win against Bigetron Alpha. Before the grand final, BTR bested EVOS twice in the regular season and once in the upper bracket final.

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