The M5 World Championship group stage (M5 group stage) features the top 16 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams vying for the world title and the lion’s share of the US$900,000 prize pool.

All eyes are on three-time MPL Indonesia champions, ONIC Esports, and MPL Philippines titleholders, AP Bren, who stand as formidable contenders poised to assert their dominance in the tournament.

In this stage, running from December 2 to 7, only the top eight teams are advancing to the playoffs where the stakes are even higher.

To keep you informed, here’s a comprehensive overview of the M5 group stage, including the format, schedule, results, and information on where to catch the action.

M5 group stage format

M5 World Championship group stage format
Credit: Moonton Games

The 16 qualified teams are divided into four groups, where they clash in best-of-three matches under a single round-robin format.

ONIC EsportsBlacklist InternationalAP BrenGeek Fam
SeeYouSoonFire FluxBurmese GhoulsTheOhioBrothers
Triple EsportsRRQ AkiraTeam FlashHomeBois
Bigetron SonsTeam SMGTeam LilgunDeus Vult

The top two teams from each group advance to the knockout stage, while the bottom teams are eliminated from the competition.

M5 group stage schedule, results, and standings

Team Lilgun poses for a photo during M5 Media Day
Credit: Moonton Games


Group A

Bigetron Sons0 — 00 — 0
ONIC Esports0 — 00 — 0
See You Soon0 — 00 — 0
Triple Esports0 — 00 — 0

Group B

Blacklist International0 — 00 — 0
Fire Flux Esports0 — 00 — 0
RRQ Akira0 — 00 — 0
Team SMG0 — 00 — 0

Group C

AP Bren0 — 00 — 0
Burmese Ghouls0 — 00 — 0
Team Flash0 — 00 — 0
Team Lilgun0 — 00 — 0

Group D

Deus Vult0 — 00 — 0
Geek Fam0 — 00 — 0
HomeBois0 — 00 — 0
TheOhioBrothers0 — 00 — 0

Schedule and results

Blacklist International coach Kristoffer "BON CHAN" Ricaplaza during press conference in MPLI 2023 with link to exclusive interview
Credit: ONE Esports
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December 2 (Saturday)

AP Bren2 p.m. GMT+8Burmese Ghouls
Fire Flux4 p.m. GMT+8Team SMG
Geek Fam6 p.m. GMT+8HomeBois
ONIC Esports8 p.m. GMT+8Bigetron Sons
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December 3 (Sunday)

Deus Vult2 p.m. GMT+8TheOhioBrothers
Burmese Ghouls4 p.m. GMT+8Team Flash
See You Soon6 p.m. GMT+8Bigetron Sons
Blacklist International8 p.m. GMT+8RRQ Akira

December 4 (Monday)

See You Soon2 p.m. GMT+8Triple Esports
Team Flash4 p.m. GMT+8Team Lilgun
TheOhioBrothers6 p.m. GMT+8Geek Fam
Blacklist International8 p.m. GMT+8Team SMG

December 5 (Tuesday)

Burmese Ghouls2 p.m. GMT+8Team Lilgun
Fire Flux4 p.m. GMT+8RRQ Akira
Geek Fam6 p.m. GMT+8Deus Vult
ONIC Esports8 p.m. GMT+8Triple Esports

December 6 (Wednesday)

RRQ Akira2 p.m. GMT+8Team SMG
HomeBois4 p.m. GMT+8Deus Vult
ONIC Esports6 p.m. GMT+8See You Soon
AP Bren8 p.m. GMT+8Team Flash

December 7 (Thursday)

Triple Esports2 p.m. GMT+8Bigetron Sons
AP Bren4 p.m. GMT+8Team Lilgun
TheOhioBrothers6 p.m. GMT+8HomeBois
Fire Flux8 p.m. GMT+8Blacklist International

(to be updated)

M5 group stage qualified teams

M5 World Championship logo
Credit: ONE Esports
MPL PH Season 12AP Bren
Blacklist International
MPL ID Season 12ONIC Esports
Geek Fam
MPL SG Season 6Team Flash
MPL MY Season 12HomeBois
MPL KH Autumn 2023See You Soon
MPL MENA Fall 2023Triple Esports
Bigetron Sons
MLBB Continental Championships Season 2Deus Vult
MTC Turkiye Championship Season 2Fire Flux
M5 Myanmar QualifierBurmese Ghouls
NACT Fall 2023TheOhioBrothers
M5 Wild CardTeam SMG
Team Lilgun

Where to watch the M5 group stage?

M5 venues - Jio Space, EVM Convention Center, and Rizal Memorial Coliseum
Credit: Moonton Games

All the games will be streamed live on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s official platforms:

Fans can also watch live at the EVM Convention Center in Quezon City.

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