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Possessing an array of powerful area-of-effect spells, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage hero Yve is renowned for her phenomenal team-fighting prowess.

Void Blast deals burst damage and grants her movement speed upon hitting enemies, while Void Crystal inflicts damage per second and a slowing effect that stacks.

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Real World Manipulation, her ultimate, enables her to deal damage, slow down enemies, and immobilize them within a huge area. Additionally, she gains immunity to crowd control effects, except for suppression, while channeling this potent skill.

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While the Astrowarden has impressive strengths, you can still deal with her effectively using the following heroes.

Three strong counters to Yve in Mobile Legends


Kaja is one of the few heroes in the Land of Dawn who possesses suppression effect, which he has in his ultimate, Divine Judgment.

Once Yve uses Real World Manipulation, quickly close the gap against her using Lightning Bomb, then shackle her with Divine Judgment to cancel her ultimate.

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Hit her with Ring of Order and basic attack enhanced by Wrath Sanction to deal a decent amount of damage, and let your teammates finish her off.

Equip Flicker or Sprint as your battle spell so you can easily narrow the distance against her.

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If Kaja is not available, Franco is a viable alternative, as he also has suppression in his Bloody Hunt ultimate.


What makes Kadita a powerful counter against Yve is her ability to close in on her, and instantly burst her down.

When she starts channeling Real World Manipulation, use Ocean Oddity to cut the gap, then cast Breath of the Ocean to stop on her spot. Take her down using Rough Waves.

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Remember, always wait for her to cast her ultimate so you can effortlessly target her with your combo.

If you’re looking for other mages to pick against Yve, consider Pharsa or Valentina. The former’s ultimate has a longer range than Real World Manipulation, while the latter can copy it.


Assassin hero Natalia is a big threat to squishy heroes that love to stay in the backline, such as Yve.

Before going for a kill, hide in a bush to activate Assassin Instinct, enabling you to enter conceal state. Hunt her down by moving from bush to bush. Use Hero Lock Mode to ensure that she is your intended target before unleashing your combo.

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Hit her with the enhanced basic attack from Assassin Instinct to deal massive damage and silence her. Use another amplified attack from The Hunt to slay her. Disengage using Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb.

Helcurt is a great substitute if Natalia is not available.

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