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The Karrie tank build is becoming popular in ranked games and has been leaving opponents scratching their heads.

This build for the marksman is a robust and potent configuration that has been wreaking havoc in the gold lane.

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Renowned for its resilience and unyielding damage output, the Karrie tank build has become a force to be reckoned with, challenging more traditional builds.

How the Karrie tank build works

Building the tank arsenal

The key to the success of the Karrie tank build lies in a strategic selection of items that enhance both survivability and damage output.

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At the forefront of this build is the Thunder Belt, a core item that not only boosts Karrie’s health and defense but also provides a unique passive ability — Thunderbolt.

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This passive skill inflicts additional True Damage based on the hero’s HP, a perfect synergy with the tank-oriented build that naturally increases Karrie’s health pool.

Karrie’s passive skill, Lightwheel Mark, also deals True Damage. The brilliance of the Karrie tank build lies in the harmonious relationship between Thunderbolt and Lightwheel Mark.

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With each trigger of Lightwheel Mark, Thunderbolt is activated, unleashing a devastating combination of True Damage upon Karrie’s foes.

Karrie tank build primary item, Thunder Belt
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This tandem creates a lethal synergy, allowing Karrie to withstand attacks while dealing out punishing blows in return.

To further augment her offensive capabilities, items like Endless Battle find their way into the arsenal. Offering additional True Damage and lifesteal, Endless Battle complements the relentless assault of Karrie, ensuring sustained damage output and survivability.

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However, the choice of subsequent items largely depends on the opponent’s lineup and the specific in-game situation.

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Options such as Blade Armor, Antique Cuirass, and Oracle are popular choices, providing additional armor, magic resistance, and utility.

Golden Staff is another valuable inclusion, not only enhancing attack speed but also accelerating the activation of Lightwheel Mark.

Battle spell and emblem selection

Karrie tank build battle spell, Vengeance
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To further bolster Karrie’s tanky capabilities, the battle spell of choice for this build is Vengeance.

This spell rdeuces incoming damage and retaliates with 35 percent of the damage received as magic damage.

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This proves exceptionally effective against high-attack speed marksmen like Wanwan and Moskov, especially in one-on-one scenarios.

Karrie tank build emblem, Brave Smite
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Emblem selection for the Karrie tank build typically involves the Basic Common Emblem with the Brave Smite talent. Brave Smite synergizes seamlessly with Karrie’s skill set, regenerating HP each time skill damage is inflicted on enemies.

This emblem choice enhances sustainability during engagements, allowing Karrie to endure prolonged battles and emerge victorious.

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