Julian is the newest mage/fighter in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The fourth hero in the Forsaken Light series, the Scarlet Raven is the hardest hero to master in the EXP lane due to his unique skill set.

He has no ultimate ability, and you can level up his third skill right from the very start. Each skill also has an enhanced version that can be used after activating any two skills. In addition, he has a lot of skill combos, each with its own advantage during a team fight.

To master Julian, you’ll need quick thinking and a lot of practice. The good news is that we’re here to make the learning process a little easier, with recommended emblems, battle spells, and best builds for the hero in this beginner’s guide.

Julian’s skills in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Passive – Smith’s Legacy

After casting two different skills, Julian enhances his third skill. He can also upgrade each of his skills to level five.

  • Casting an enhanced skill will put all his skills on a seven-second cooldown.
  • All his basic attacks will be enhanced for five seconds after casting an enhanced skill. Every basic attack during this time will also pull the enemy closer to him.
  • Julian also gains 25% extra magic lifesteal for five seconds each time he hits an enemy hero with his skills. It stacks up to three times, so spamming your skills in the laning phase is a must if you want to avoid teleporting to your base often.

Skill 1 – Scythe

Julian hurls a flying scythe in a target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way and slowing them.

Enhanced effect: It works similarly, but inflicts a more punishing slow effect. Upon hitting a non-minion enemy, the scythes do not disappear and will continue to fly at a slower speed, dealing continuous damage to nearby enemies.

  • This is Julian’s bread and butter damage skill. Max this first as it has the largest damage output compared to Chain and Sword.
  • Finishing combos with Enhanced Scythe should be your goal every time you’re going for the kill.
  • This is also a better skill for pursuing enemy heroes than Sword and Scythe, as it travels fast and will give the enemy less time to react. The 50% slow for one second on Enhanced Scythe is all you need to set up your other skills.
  • It’s crucial that you hit enemies with the Chain stun before going for Enhanced Scythe, as it’s easy to avoid the latter once it stops in the targeted destination.

Skill 2 – Sword

Julian summons a flying sword and dashes in a target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way.

Enhanced effect: Summons a large number of flying swords and dashes in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way. Julian will also briefly disappear and become invincible. After a short delay, he’ll reappear at the farthest end of his dash.

  • Julian can dash through walls with both Sword and Enhanced Sword.
  • Enhanced Sword can be a lifesaver in sticky situations where multiple enemies are ganking you. It acts as a simpler, and much shorter, version of Benedetta‘s Alecto: Final Blow where you’re invincible for a short time during the dash.
  • Enemies caught in the middle of Enhanced Sword will also take damage.

Skill 3 – Chain

Julian casts a chain at a target location, dealing damage to enemies hit after a short delay and immobilizing them.

Enhanced effect: The chain deals continuous damage to enemies in the area and slows them. Enemies that are still in the area at the end of the skill duration will take more damage and be knocked airborne.

  • Chain immobilizes the enemy, so they won’t be able to move or use blink spells. Enhanced Chain knocks enemies airborne, which means they are also unable to move, attack, and use any skills.
  • Both skills are great for initiating team fights and opening up enemy targets to attack by your allies.
  • Chain is also a great escape tool if you time it wisely. If you’re planning to use it with Sword, you can cast Chain to prevent enemies from catching up to you after you dash.

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A comprehensive guide on how to play Julian in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Flicker is the optimal choice in the EXP lane, considering that he has lower defensive stats compared to other EXP lane heroes. This battle spell also helps him set up plays, since Julian must focus on killing the enemy’s backline first.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang battle spells Flicker and Execute
Credit: Moonton

Execute is also another option if you really want to play aggressively and dominate the lane once you hit level three. However, you should only get this if the enemy team has little to no crowd control heroes.

Recommended emblem set

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Magic Emblems Magic Worship and Mystery Shop
Credit: Moonton

All of Julian’s damage scales with magic, so going for the magic emblem tree is the way to go. Magic Worship is best suited for the Scarlet Raven as the burn damage is a game-changer in team fights. Plus, it will be easy to activate with Julian since he can chain his skills quickly.

You can also opt for Mystery Shop if you think you’ll dominate the early game, as it provides a 10% discount on all items bought, helping you complete your core items much faster.

Best build for Julian in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang best build for Julian
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Prioritizing cooldown reduction and magic damage is crucial to finding success on the hero. Building defensive items will also help him since his main weakness in team fights is his survivability.

Items that buff his basic attacks, such as Calamity Reaper and Feather of Heaven, are also recommended as they will stack with his Smith’s Legacy passive.

Finally, there’s no need to build much spell vamp equipment on him since his passive already allows him to gain 25% extra magic lifesteal (up to three times) each time he hits an enemy hero with his skills.

Recommended build for Julian in Mobile Legends

  • Clock of Destiny
  • Magic Shoes
  • Genius Wand
  • Brute Force Breastplate
  • Calamity Reaper
  • Oracle

The best combos for Julian

Once you hit level three, you can spam Sword, Chain, and enhanced Scythe to deal a ton of damage in the laning phase. This is also a great combo for securing kills in the mid to late game. If you are outnumbered, going for Chain, Scythe, and Enhanced Sword will let you dodge skills and either move closer or away from enemies without taking damage.

During team fights, activate Scythe, Sword, then Enhanced Chain to knock up multiple enemies. After every enhanced skill, you must follow up with basic attacks to maximize your damage output. Use your skills again once they are available.

It’s also worth noting that you will have around 75% increased lifesteal thanks to his passive. That means fighting when your health is low instead of escaping might work to your benefit, unless you’re heavily outnumbered or are far behind in the game.

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