Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate it in the Land of Dawn than with Valentine’s Day skins for Cecilion and Carmilla.

The skins are named Phantom Count for Cecilion and Phantom Countess for Carmilla and feature both heroes in a modern, red and black punk-style outfit with shiny purple wings on their backs.

You can see the pair in their respective skin videos, which include an extra cute moment showing Cecilion stealing a kiss from Carmilla and running away.

Their abilities are the perfect definition of “killing them with love.” For Cecilion, his auto attacks omit hearts instead of the usual bats. His Bat Impact and Bats Feast also summons deadly purple hearts that’s visually appealing during large team fights.

For Carmilla, Crimson Flower will summon two large hearts that will circle around her and deal damage to surrounding enemies. Curse of Blood now shoots out a large purple heart to an enemy instead of the usual red energy ball.

Phantom Count Cecilion and Phantom Countess Carmilla will be released on February 14. Check out their skin spotlight here:

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