Badang has been one of the top fighter heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, especially after receiving substantial buffs to all his active skills in patch 1.7.08.

He has one of the deadliest skill combos in the Land of Dawn. He traps enemies within the rock wall created by his Fist Break (2nd skill), before crushing them with a barrage of punches from Fist Crack, his ultimate, which also grants him crowd control immunity. Using his Chilvary Fist passive, he’s able to keep targets in place throughout the stun duration.

The Tribal Warrior, however, relies heavily on executing this combo to slay opponents. If you can get out of the wall, you can turn the tables against him. Here are the handful of heroes who can easily slip past him.

Best counters to Badang in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Teen Pop Wanwan
Credit: Moonton

Wanwan’s unique dash from her Tiger Pace passive allows her to jump over Badang’s wall. Her Needles in Flowers (2nd skill) can remove the stun from his passive and trigger the other effect of Tiger Pace, which marks an enemy’s weak points.

While he is using Fist Crack, you can target his weaknesses with basic attacks or Swallow’s Path (1st skill). Wait for the shield from his second skill to expire before using the Crossbow of Tang ultimate.

Don’t forget to purchase Wind of Nature, a strong item against Badang that provides physical damage immunity. Use this item if you get caught while Needles in Flowers is on cooldown.


Chou Go Ballistic skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Chou is another hero with an effective dash ability against Badang, namely his Shunpo (2nd skill). This also grants crowd control immunity during the dash, ensuring your escape.

Use Shunpo as soon as he traps you with Fist Break. As he is immune to control effects when casting Fist Crack, wait for it to end first before executing your combo.

As much as possible, kick him with The Way of Dragon ultimate into your turret or allies to secure the kill.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Crescent Scimitar Khaleed
Credit: Moonton

Despite having no dash or blink spell to get out of Badang’s obstacle, Khaleed is a strong counter to him thanks to his Quicksand Guard (2nd skill). This restores his health while providing a hefty percentage of damage reduction.

Cast Quicksand Guard when he uses his combo. Even if you get stunned while having a good amount of HP, you’ll be able to survive the initial flurry of punches and even have extra time to use your defensive skill.

When his Fist Crack ends, chop him down with the Desert Tornado and an enhanced basic attack by utilizing Sand Walk’s passive.

If he tries to run away, use your Raging Sandstorm ultimate to chase him down. You won’t get knocked back by his Fist Wind (1st skill), for Khaleed gains control immunity while riding the sandstorm.

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