Bren lang malakas!

Filipino team AP Bren clinched the M5 World Championship title with a thrilling 4-3 triumph over Indonesia’s ONIC Esports in the grand final.

The organization achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first team to secure two M-series titles, adding to their M2 World Championship victory in 2021.

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AP Bren survives close M5 World Championship showdown against ONIC Esports

AP Bren at MPLI 2023
Credit: ONE Esports

In the opening game, AP Bren secured a victory with Kyle “KyleTzy” Sayon leading the charge, boasting a flawless 3/0/4 KDA on Fredrinn.

ONIC Esports fought back in the second game, with Gilang “Sanz” taking the helm and delivering an impressive 4/0/10 KDA performance on Gord.

The Filipino squad then won the next two games. With their backs against the wall, ONIC Esports went with their comfort heroes of Wanwan, Novaria, and Paquito in game five. Bren then went for a defensive approach with Arlott, Grock, and Fredrinn.

ONIC Esports gained an early advantage with Sanz applying pressure using Novaria, coupled with Kiboy’s well-timed Minoan Fury on Minotaur.

Despite Bren’s attempts to mount a comeback, a pivotal Lord at the 18-minute mark sealed the deal.

In the sixth game, Calvin “CW” Winata’s Wanwan took center stage with a remarkable 9/1/8 KDA, forcing the series into a decisive seventh game.

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Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports
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For the final game, ONIC Esports opted for a team-fight heavy composition featuring Kadita, Yve, and Terizla.

In response, AP Bren drafted a crowd control-heavy lineup, leading to a dominant performance. Sanz faced challenges landing Rough Waves on Kadita due to the relentless crowd control every time he entered a team fight.

The game reached its turning point at the 13-minute mark when AP Bren capitalized on catching Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol‘s Baxia in the midlane.

Although the remaining four members of ONIC Esports attempted to turn the tide, another member fell in the ensuing team fight.

Instead of pursuing the Lord, Bren made a decisive move, heading straight for the exposed midlane and ultimately securing the victory in the best-of-seven series.

David “FlapTzy” Canon‘s outstanding contributions earned him the grand final MVP award.

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With the win, they take home the lion’s share of the US$900,000 prize pool and be hailed as the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team this year.

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