Looking for a hero who’s both nimble as an assassin and tough as nails like a tank? Look no further than Arlott, the Land of Dawn’s Lone Lancer.

Arlott can dash multiple times on the battlefield, similar to assassin hero Lancelot. He also has the ability to absorb enemy damage and restore lost HP with his skills, making him a formidable bruiser in the mid to late game.

While there’s a lot to love about this hero, playing him for the first time can be a bit of a challenge. To truly learn and master the Lone Lancer, you’ll need to understand how to play around his unique strengths and weaknesses.

Arlott’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Demon Gaze

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Arlott's passive, Demon Gaze
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

His demonic eyes will mark nearby enemy heroes and those affected by crowd control.

  • The mark lasts for eight seconds on an enemy hero, and can also affect nearby creeps and minions.
  • The eye automatically marks nearby heroes every eight seconds.
  • There can be multiple marks at once.
  • Even if you are hiding in a bush, heroes can still be detected, so it can be quite challenging for Arlott to pull off ganks.
  • Before entering a team fight, ensure that your intended target has been marked to deal additional damage from Vengeance.
  • Marked enemies will glow violet in color.

First skill – Dauntless Strike

He slams his spear, dealing physical damage to targets in front of him. The further the target is, the longer the stun duration.

  • The skill can stun multiple targets in a straight line.
  • This is a great farming tool in the laning phase as it has the ability to mark an entire minion wave. Once you land the skill, use Vengeance to last hit all the minions and gain bonus gold.
  • Create distance whenever you use this skill as the stun duration is longer the further the target is.

Second skill – Vengeance

He charges at the target with his spear, dealing physical damage. If the target is marked by Demon Gaze, the skill will deal critical damage, refresh its cooldown, and heal HP.

  • Since this is a targeted dash skill, it requires a specific target to activate, which also means that it cannot be used to jump over walls.
  • If the enemy that Arlott dashed towards is marked, the skill will deal double damage and provide a heal.
  • This skill also works on minions, but the healing effect is reduced to 50%.

Ultimate – Final Slash

He performs a wide-sweeping attack, dealing physical damage and displacing affected targets to the end of the swing.

  • This ultimate pushes all affected targets from left to right in a straight line, marking them with Demon Gaze.
  • The skill also reveals targets hidden in the bush for three seconds, making it a great anti-ganking tool in the laning phase.
  • Arlott has the ability to shove targets through walls using Final Slash. This move can be advantageous in scenarios where you need to flee by propelling opponents to the opposite side of the battlefield, or push enemies towards your allies.

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Tips and tricks for Arlott

Battle spell recommendation

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang battle spelss Petrifyt and Vengeance
Credit: ONE Esports

To make the most of his abilities, it’s recommended to use Petrify as a Battle Spell since its stun effect activates his Demon Gaze passive. This allows him to extend his combo with the extra stun and deal more damage to his enemies.

However, if you plan to play him as a roamer, it might be a good idea to go for Vengeance instead. This Battle Spell enhances his survivability, ensuring that he lasts long in team fights after using Final Slash to start a team fight.

Recommended emblem set

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang emblems Festival of Blood and Brave Smite
Credit: ONE Esports

Festival of Blood works best on him since it adds a flat 8% spell vamp to his skills. The only downside to this is that you really need to play aggressively and secure a few kills in the laning phase to maximize its 1% spell vamp per kill.

If you are a roamer, you can pick Brave Smite for survivability. This emblem talent provides extra HP whenever he stuns a target, something that he has a lot in his arsenal. It also offers extra defense stats that complement Vengeance, which can turn him into an unkillable killing machine in the mid to late game.

Recommended item build

Arlott Mobile Legends: Bang Bang best build
Credit: ONE Esports

When playing as an EXP laner, it’s essential to prioritize physical damage and lifesteal. There are a few items to consider such as Hunter’s Strike, Endless Battle, or Bloodlust Axe. It’s best to prioritize these items based on your lane matchup and whether or not you are ahead in the game.

Since Arlott’s defensive stats tend to fall off in the late game, we recommended that you build defensive items once you have all of your offensive items.

Oracle is a solid option, providing magic resistance and improved regen effects. Alternatively, Brute Force Breastplate is a great choice against an enemy team with multiple physical damage dealers. If the game goes on for more than 20 minutes, Immortality is a must-have item.

Easy combos to learn

During the laning phase, you can start off by using Dauntless Strike to mark minion waves and secure last hits with Vengeance as you stay ahead of your opponent.

If you’re feeling more aggressive in the laning phase, wait for Demon Gaze to affect the enemy hero you’re matched against and pounce with Vengeance to get closer. Once you exhaust the mark, use the Dauntless Strike-Vengeance-Final Slash-Vengeance combo for an easy kill.

During team fights, wait for the enemy to gather together and use Final Slash to line them up in single file. Then, use Vengeance to deal damage and stun them once again with Dauntless Strike. If you happen to miss a target, fall back since Arlott is easy to kill once his only mobility skill is on cooldown.

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