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Who says fighter heroes can’t be fleet-footed? Arlott might not be an assassin, but he’s certainly no slowpoke in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The fighter hero plays like an assassin hero and is able to dash multiple times on the battlefield. To make things worse, he has multiple crowd-control skills which can stun all enemy heroes in his path. It’s not an easy task facing the Lone Spear on the battlefield, but there are some exceptions to the rule.

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Here are three heroes that can stop Arlott from going beast mode in your ranked games.

3 hero counters to Arlott in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Arlott can dash multiple times with his second skill, Vengeance, which makes him similar to assassin heroes. However, if you’re playing Phoveus against him in the EXP lane, this can be good news for you.

Phoveus is the bane of every nimble hero in the game. He can repeatedly use his ultimate, Demonic Force, to mark enemies and jump onto them to deal damage. Additionally, his ultimate’s cooldown decreases when an enemy hero uses a dash or blink skill near him.

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As a result, Arlott will be forced to play it safe and avoid using his dash skill near you, giving you an advantage in the laning phase. To succeed in this matchup, it’s crucial to finish Clock of Destiny for survivability and a damage boost. If Arlott is ahead in the lane matchup, consider getting Warrior Boots first.


Do you know what’s better than two spears? Two scythes.

Arlott’s weakness is in the laning phase when he doesn’t have all of his skills and core items yet, which is completely opposite of the fighter hero Thamuz. The Lord Lava is arguably one of the strongest EXP laners in the first five minutes and can tear apart anyone who dares to stand in his way, even without any items.

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It’s best to freeze the first minion wave and fight back whenever Arlott tries to farm or harass you in the laning phase. Thamuz always wins in these situations, unless the enemy jungler or midlaner is constantly visiting the EXP lane.

If you are far ahead in the game, go for on-hit effect items such as Corrosion Scythe. Otherwise, go for the usual Sunfire Cape for the extra defensive stats.

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Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong is a hero who excels in the laning phase and in 1v1 situations, making him a formidable opponent for Arlott. His ability to soak up damage and heal lost HP as a fight drags on can pose significant challenges for the Lone Spear.

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In addition, Yu Zhong is difficult to pin down due to his Furious Drive and Black Dragon Form abilities. Once he completes Hunter’s Strike and War Axe, two items that give him increased movement speed in team fights, it becomes even harder for Arlott to keep up.

If you’re looking for an excellent hero who can dominate Arlott in a 1v1 situation throughout the game, Yu Zhong is a perfect choice.

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